Hello first I would like to say that it's so awesome to see so many people willing to help us noobs out thank you all so much. Secondly I require some of that knowledge myself

these are the heros that I have chosen to play with. I managed to pull two trainers one for purple so I upgraded layla and one for red so I upgraded sharan. I have been focusing on using all my 1* to upgrade my heros according to color. Now let me get to the point.

  1. Any suggestions on positioning for attack? understand that your strongest goes in the middle this being bane for now, but does it go to the left in strength then? I put the healer far right she still seems to get nailed a lot.
    Ragghnild or til for attack? And which for defences? What’s best positioning for defence?
    Could someone explain the slots according to what goes where?

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