Hello everyone, Newbie need help with teams building

I would appreciate help on building my attack, defence, titans, wars , raids and so on teams. Thank you!!
To be honest I’m using team 1 for everything…

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Here’s my standard speech to new players, and one I wish someone had given me, except I wasn’t on the boards at that time. You need at least one, maybe two, rainbow teams of three-star heroes as a base. This gives you depth for war and class trials, allows you to complete rare tier challenge events monthly and compete in three-star raid tournaments when they appear, and do some minor color stacking to better your damage on titans. That’s a lot of ways to get stuff. And it will be among the fastest things you will do on E&P. Not that it’s super fast, but compared to other long-term goals you will have, it will be fast.

So, stop whatever you are doing now and focus on leveling one three-star hero in each color at a time until you get a double rainbow three-star team. Yes, I know you have cooler heroes and this part sucks, but it will help you in the long run. And I practice what I preach. I drew Gill-Ra last month in Atlantis, and when I finish Rigard, I will be leaving Domitia at 1^20 until I can max Gill-Ra. I think it sucks, too, but I know it needs doing.

Who should those heroes be? If you want my advice, your double rainbow team should be:

Purple: Tyrum and Balthazar
Yellow: Bane and Melia
Red: Hawkmoon and Nashgar
Blue: Valen and Gato
Green: Belith and Brienne

These are among the best three-star heroes in the game, almost by consensus. That’s not to say these are the only three-stars you will ever need, either. I would also keep and eventually level Gunnar, Chochin, Muggy, Berden, Mnesseus, Gill-Ra, and maybe Friar Tuck, but that one is debatable. All of these have utility at some point in the game. Also, consider your rosters for class trials before you feed away any other three-stars. Prisca is terrible, but I kept her around for a long while because I needed another paladin. By the way, with your roster, anything below a three-star is food. No need to keep any of them. Feed them away.

Once you have this double rainbow team in place, you need to do the same thing with four-stars. There is less consensus about who is “best” in the four-star realm, and a lot of it has to do with your personal play style. By the time you have gotten a double rainbow team of three-stars maxed, you should have a little better feel for who you want to focus on in the four-star realm. Also, you may have some very good four-stars by then that you don’t have now that you want to make a priority. For example, as red four-stars go, Gormek is probably your best, followed by Colen, and then Sumitomo. None of them are the best four-star in their color; that honor most likely belongs to Boldtusk. So, you could spend a lot of time, feeders, and eventually ascension materials trying to bring up Gormek now. Or you could work on your three-star base and give yourself more time to get a better red hero to work on. If you don’t, Gormek is good. (I use him every day.) But if you do, you won’t regret giving Gormek your hidden blades while Boldtusk sits at 3^60 waiting for more hidden blades.

The one consensus pick on your roster for a great 4-star is Rigard, so make sure to give him some love, and since you have already ascended Sabina, you might as well finish her too. I think I see Wu down there, and if Titans are your thing, he’s your guy. The double four-star rainbow team is about ensuring you have the man- (and woman-) power to get your hands on the elusive 4-star ascension materials that you need to max your five-star heroes. These are super rare, so you need to be taking every chance to get them as soon as you can.

Now, the good news. Your five-star heroes are bosses. Seriously. Joon is a no nonsense sniper. Gravemaker is one of the best two or three heroes in the entire game. Ariel is a top-notch five-star healer, and five-star healers are rare. A lineup of just those three would have most players drooling. So you’ve got lots to look forward to. Hope this helps, and didn’t give you a neck cramp trying to read it all!


I’m so grateful for your time and such amazing and thorough explanation. I’ll follow your suggestions and focus on leveling up my 3* heroes. I have really bad time now in the event quest because of not having strong 3* team… I thought I need 5* team to build and was focused on that but as I can see I now I need to level up from 3* to 5* . Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction! I really appreciate it!


Great advice here about how to level up your heroes. If I could add one more advice it would be that it’s not a good idea to upload screenshots that include your game ID (specifically, the first screenshot you uploaded). If you could edit and delete that part it would be good.

It’s for your account’s safety, trust me :+1:


Thank you, I didn’t even realize that I uploaded such screenshot. I can see moderator deleted the image for me. @zephyr1 thank you and sorry for the trouble. :blush:

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No worries :slight_smile:

The screenshot of the startup screen for the game had your Account ID in it. Those are unfortunately a bit like bank PIN codes, and are one of the things needed to claim ownership of an account, so we try to keep them from being posted.

Someone else noticed it and gave me a heads up, so I removed it. :slight_smile:


I agree what @Noble_Weasel said.

Another suggestion is buy more hero caps space, you have so many good heroes with your level (62/65 spaces). Roster space caps is cheap and for long-term.

For *3 green, keep Muggy, he has high tile damage and unique skill.

I will try to summarize for *4
Red: Gormek, Colen, Sumitomo
change if you get Boldtusk or Wilbur
Blue: Kiril, Triton, Boril
Green: Melendor, Caedmon
Yellow: Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Danzaburo, Chao
Purple: Rigard, Cyprian


Fully support noble wasels post.

If you dont get Boldtusk while leveling your 3*'s I would bring Anzogh to 3/70 before doing another red 4*.

You are either very lucky or rich since I envy you for your roster after about 15 month of playing. :blush:

Good luck. :sunny:


Thank you for your helpful information! Will get more space and keep suggested by you heroes . :ok_hand:


I forgot to add. Leveling 2 rainbow teams of 3* is great advice. You’ll be able to finish rare tier events with no problems, but sometimes finishing rare events is not enough :wink: If you want to get better scores (and better loot ofc) you should try to focus on these 3* heroes:

Yellow: Bane and Gan Ju, both are fast and have decent damage, plus they have good specials.

Green: Muggy, Berden, Brienne, Belith. You almost have a full mono green team there. Forget about Friar Tuck and Carver, they’re not that good. But keep one of each for emblem quests.

Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Gill Ra. I have the same heroes in my dark 3* team, they’re all great in events.

Blue: Valen, Gato and Ulmer. They’re the best blue heroes for events imo.

Red: Hawkmoon and Nashgar. Decent ones.

You can use a combination of 3-2 teams. They work better when you get bad starting boards. There’s no need to use lots of flasks, or forge lots of axes and arrows to rank high in events. As long as you get into the 3000th group you’ll get some decent loot. Depends on the event of the month tho. Anyway good luck :+1:


Thank you, I think I do have luck because probably didn’t understand the game. With my main team I gone far and it is winning mostly. I thought the team need to be rainbow and more powerful, to have healer to have more that do damage to all enemies… But I read people building deferent teams so I start searching and end up here. :ok_hand:

This forum is amazing, thank you all for your support! :bouquet:

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Thank you again! I’m putting suggested heroes in teams and will focus on leveling them up. :ok_hand::crossed_fingers:

Hello everyone,
Great advices, but I’m wondering why nobody mentioned G. Jackal for yellow, good hits, special, and very fast. What not to love.
Been wondering, since i use him in my attack team, and titans with Wu, not on defense.
Thank you.
Have fun.

yes you right, if he has Jackal then level him after Wu Kong. But to get Jackal need more times around 8-11 August 2019, and also RNG not guaranteed.

For mentioning Boldtusk, because Boldtusk is regular hero, we can get Boldtusk from Regular Summon/Elemental Summon and TC13/TC20 at any time.

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OP does not appear to have Guardian Jackal, and since he is an event hero, he won’t even be available again for months. Even at that, he is difficult to get when available. Trying to advise on what OP has, not what they might get.

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To jinbatsu & Noble Weasel
My bad you guys are right, i just thought since i got him last guadian, it would be an option, did not think when it was coming back.
My apologies.
Have fun.
Wolf9 :sunglasses:

Well @Noble_Weasel, you just about covered exactly what I came here to say.
My biggest mistake was pulling Musashi and Kiril on my 1st ever summons. Spent SO much time on Musashi…he’s still sitting at 3/70, because I realized my fatal error in my very 1st Alliance War. Luckily I reset and followed the above advice. Now I have a very deep bench of 3-4* that serve me well. I even have Hel sitting unleveled because of other priorities

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