Hello, are you still there? Do players who’ve quit the game and deleted the app still show in alliances?

Hey just wondering if someone in your alliance has quit the game, deleted the app and doesn’t play anymore at all. Will they still show up in your alliance? Will the game delete them off or is there any way to know if someone is still currently playing?

Yes, players stay in alliances indefinitely, until they either leave themselves, or are kicked out of the alliance.

No amount of inactivity will remove them automatically.

You can see when a member was last online by tapping on their name in the Members list.

Unfortunately, if you don’t communicate with alliance members outside of the game via other communication methods, there’s no real way to know if they’ve stopped playing the game, or have just been inactive due to something in real life, like an emergency. Most alliances have a policy about how long they’ll wait before removing someone who didn’t say they’d be away. You can also use your best judgment based on whether it’s someone new to the game and your alliance, or someone who’s been around with you for a while.

If you do decide to kick them from the alliance, Members can be removed by Elders or above, Elders can be removed by Co-Leaders or the Leader, and Co-Leaders can be removed by the Leader. A Leader can never be removed by another player.

On a related note, players who miss two consecutive Wars will automatically be opted out of future Wars, but will not automatically be removed from the alliance.


The only way to know if they’re in another alliance as far as I know is if they are still on last Titan hit roster…but once the next one appears, that’s gone.

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