Hello and question about leveling

Hi, newb here, started playing the game a little over a month ago. Spent a little bread to catch up a little, but other than that, not a big spender.

My name is a nickname for my favorite Balthazar (my OG put more d*cks in the dirt than any other hero done for me), which I am convinced is Babylonian for ‘ball-taser’ (obviously a joke, but fits perfectly given resemblance to his name and his electrifying special skill). I’m actually Balthazar the Ball-taser in the game.

I got a few 5* (Tyr, Telluria, Horghall, and Justice), and was happy to level up Tyr and Telluria until I realized how few and far in between ascension mats are.
I have a good amount of 4* with very few of them leveled to 3.60 (Burt, Kiril, andKelile), and few on the way (Rigard, Sonya, Caedmon, Brynhild), and only Mist fully ascended, but not fully leveled.
Got some good 3*, as well - Bane, Ball-taser, Valen, Berden, Hawkmoon, etc.

The way I level them right now is I have 3 TC11 running (2 as Extra Low Cost and 1 Uncommon) , I use uncommon ones to feed the 4* and commons to feed the 3*. Is that common practice or is there a more efficient way?

A few questions:

  1. Should I ascend 5* to 3rd ascension tier or fully ascend the 4* heroes given the chance? I am one hidden blade away from ascending a red, and I am torn between leveling my red 4* (BT, Scarlett, Kelile) or taking Tyr to 3.70.
  2. Mostly applied to 3*, should I fully level one rainbow team or gradually level several of each color? My Bane, Balthazar, Valen, and Berden are at a point where 1* feeders are barely making a dent (3.45-ish) while Kailani, Nordri, Gunnar, Belith etc. are still pooping in diapers. In essence, what I’m asking is if the diminishing returns of a fully leveled 3* hero justifies the sacrifice in versatility of having multiple decent heroes of each color. And if not, is there an agreed-upon threshold or methodology.

Thank you, looking forward to being a part of the community.

I’ve only been playing for about 2 1/2 months and the advice given to me is to fully level up at least 3 heroes of each color that are 3 stars…then do the same for 4 stars. This will allow you to have decent tournament results and allow you to participate in wars sooner. It will also allow you to color stack so that when you raid, you can be more effective than just attacking everyone with your rainbow team. Once you have that base…you’ll have the materials needed to raise up a 5 star hero and you’ll have a better understanding on what your strengths are.

As far as how to level…it’s recommended to level 10 hero at a time with the color that you are working on, so I would pick your top 3 star character of each color and fully level them to 3-50.


Here is a link with lots of advice for beginners.

And listen to what @backwardzz just wrote

Finally, welcome to the E&P family!


@backwardzz has it right: don’t jump straight to your 5* heroes, you’ll need a good stable of 3* and 4* in order to be able to complete events/challenges… and that in turn will start to get you the mats you will need to eventually level up those 5* fully someday.

Patience is the name of the game. This is a long-term game, not instant gratification. :slight_smile:

Also, if you haven’t already joined an alliance, that’s a good idea to find some like-minded people to play the game with. And doing so lets you take part in WARS - just make sure to do so, that you can field SIX full teams of five heroes… or at least start working your way there! Some make the early mistake of just keeping the 5 strongest heroes they have and feeding everything else away, but for alliance wars, you want to be able to make all six of your attacks, and that means minimum 30 heroes total. Sure, you can throw all feeders at an enemy and hope for some good luck, but getting a good variety of heroes to work with is the end goal. :slight_smile:

Have fun, and Good Gaming!

Hi… I’m Garry Tate. User CANDOALL
Im lvl 60 and am not sure if you have the right person as you are looking for CANDOLL… I know not what l have done wrong… You have expired me… I have been playing for years, spent a little and love our alliance JUST CHILL OUT. Pls reinstate me… I’m CANDOALL…
PS. I carnt do all… Lol

About that: I am in an alliance, and it’s fairly weak/inactive one. We struggle with 4* titans mainly because only 6-7 of us attack and I’m usually 3rd or 4th in total damage. I am not in a rush to move because I’m concerned that if I move to a much stronger alliance, I won’t be able to pull my own weight. The plan is to start looking once I have enough heroes to be in a war. In the meantime, I don’t have a single fully leveled hero and only a few 3.60 4*, so I’ll stick around with my current one. Is that a sound strategy or what would you recommend?

I believe you should look for an active alliance that accepts your lvl abilities and stick with them and get into the fun…

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Try here to find some teaching alliances.

My alliance has one spot and is pretty laid back. “Together we’ll win”. We have a decent mix of people and usually are beating 6 star titans and an occasional 7 star. The last path of valor required you to get 6 stars if you wanted to finish it, so if you want to give our alliance a try, go ahead. Feel free to participate or not participate in wars. You will always want to have more of what the game has to offer. Just keep trying and you will get there.


Joined. Thank you for recommending it, looking forward to playing.