🌞 **Helios** - One Spot Open (09/09) -- Current titan: 11* Emperor Dragon

I joined this amazing alliance about two months ago. It is one of the best decisions I ever made in this game. Many members are powerful and skilled veterans, so I have learned a lot from them. At the same time, Helios is not overly competitive. Everyone is expected to contribute, yes; but we all understand real life comes first. As long as you keep the family informed, it is totally fine to miss titans or wars. In short, Helios is a dedicated yet friendly alliance. Whether you are an experienced player looking to advance further; or a new one still learning about the game, you will surely find your place in Helios. By the way, they are not paying me to say this. Everything comes from the heart. Hope to see you all in the alliance!

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I recently joined Helios (see above)

A few thoughts.

-Seriously funny group
-HUGE knowledge base and a excellent place to grow
-Great group of guys and gals from across the US and abroad
-Serious about winning. But understands life commitment (father of three very young kiddos here)

Would 100% recommend joining if you are ready to rock some titans, win wars, learn from the vets, and have an all around good time.

Also…despite what @PeachyKeen said above…do not ask @DJQuixo about the washing machine. Trust me :wink:


Thanks, @Cvs & @lightsmessenger . We enjoy having the both of you.

if you, as someone who has not yet joined Helios, needed further verification that Helios rocks… there you have it.

We are a good, solid group, and we treat everyone like family…

Our door is still open! If you are looking for a serious yet friendly alliance, then Helios is the place for you! I have learned and grown so much from being in this family, and I am sure you will feel the same. Hope to see you all in game!

Trimmed some fat. Killing 10* titans with 25 members, want to step it up with a few more serious players. Come on over for some titan slaying war winning good times


Definitely! Not to mention the wonderful camaraderie you will enjoy here!

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Our team was actually killing 10* on our own without outside help with 23 members.
We are at 27 members now. Only 3 spots remain to destroy the titans and war foes in an alliance that understands…

that life happens

If you want to get good loot without the pressure of a ultra-high pressure alliance, then we are here for you. War is optional, titan hits can be excused with communication (but, c’mon… best part of the game here).

Who is the BEST fit? A veteran who is frustrated by the pressures of higher-end alliances who demand more of their time (6 titan hits, 6 war flags, etc).

Who else will we accept? Anyone at the intermediate level who is active and the motivation to improve their team and enjoy the company of supportive alliance members who promote an understanding, drama-free environment.

Helios is the place to be if you are looking for a serious yet friendly alliance! Come join us and let us grow together!

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We just took down a 11* titan, a won a war with 100% participation rate! If this is something you are interested in, join Helios!

Hi. Still have an opening ? I am looking for a team serious about war flag usage. Over 50 hero’s above 600. Def team 4100 range. Cups usually around 2450 -2600

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You sound like a great fit. We have 30 members right now but i will respond when we have more. For now you can stay in touch via Line or join Helios Turtle Farm while you await an opening.

We now have an opening! Please join when you are able!:slight_smile:

Hi. What is your line Id. I have found an alliance for this time but I like to move around if it’s not a good fit I will reach out in line

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We have 2 spots open and would love to have you join us!

Communication: A must. (Just let us know what’s going on so we can plan for your activity one way or another)

War: Opt out is OK, but use all 6 flags if opted-in
Titans: Why would you not hit a titan?

Line ID: justf#ckenpeachy (replace # with a u)

We have consistently taken down 11* titans! Join us if you want a serious yet fun and friendly alliance!

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  1. Do you have a real life outside of E&P?
  2. Do you enjoy Empires and Puzzles?
  3. Are you usually raiding in Diamond-Level?
  4. Are you a decent human being with a good sense of humor?

If the answer to all of these questions is YES, please feel free to join. We’d love to have you.

Look, you just gotta join us. We’re super freakin cool, understand that life comes first and, when it’s time to play, we are good enough to be competitive.

We just finished our war chest and whipped the snot out of a 12* Spider, even though our usual titan level is 11*.

We have a simple war strategy, uniform tank color and do not require war (if you opt out)

Do you, too, shine brightly? Join Helios.
Free Virtual Hug Available to the next person who joins

Line ID: justf#ckenpeachy (replace # with a u)

Standard terms and conditions apply, offer not valid in all states of mind and is not packaged with any other deals, innuendos or creepy intimations. Helios is a registered trademark of absolutely nothing and is not liable for any actions taken in the physical universe outside of E&P. Qualified participants are expected to have a fair and balanced sense of humor, treat people with respect and, above all else, kick asss.

We have one spot open for a dedicated diamond-level player.

The best part about us? We enjoy a relaxed, yet competitive pace that allows for real life to progress even as we get stronger in E&P.

With full participation and no flasks we can slay a 12* but sit comfortably around 11* titans.
We don’t require war participation unless you make the choice to opt-in.

Join me, join us, join an experienced group of competitive and supportive members.

Been with Helios for close to 2 months now. A truly inspiring alliance with a lot of experienced players ready to help. Not to mention we have been consistently taking down 11* titans. Join us and let’s kick butts together!


I joined Helios a few months back. I had jumped from alliance to alliance previous to that looking for some real help and opportunity to grow. Well, it was the best in game decision I have made.

Prior to joining Helios I had spent a bit of coin and had a fantastic bench, but no guidance so my teams were a mess. Today my Defense is closing in on 4100 and the past three days I have woken up to an increase in cups…something I had never experienced before.

Prior to joining Helios I was BARELY able to raid up to Diamond. Earlier this week, I raided all the way up to 14 global.

Prior to joining Helios, I was a top attacker for my alliance on 8* titans but was doing it in a messy way and with no real strategy. Just a few weeks ago I was A+ on a 12* using nothing but small mana pots and a few arrows. (I did level during this Titan to be fair).

The guidance of folks like @PeachyKeen, Munch, Chi, et al. is invaluable for players on the cusp of major growth and the full helios family is a great place to be (Helios Turtle Farm is our growth Alliance and we have the helios Inn if you need a break).

Hope to see you on our winning team soon!

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