🌞 **Helios** - One Spot Open (09/09) -- Current titan: 11* Emperor Dragon

We have consistently taken down 11* titans! Join us if you want a serious yet fun and friendly alliance!

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  1. Do you have a real life outside of E&P?
  2. Do you enjoy Empires and Puzzles?
  3. Are you usually raiding in Diamond-Level?
  4. Are you a decent human being with a good sense of humor?

If the answer to all of these questions is YES, please feel free to join. We’d love to have you.

Look, you just gotta join us. We’re super freakin cool, understand that life comes first and, when it’s time to play, we are good enough to be competitive.

We just finished our war chest and whipped the snot out of a 12* Spider, even though our usual titan level is 11*.

We have a simple war strategy, uniform tank color and do not require war (if you opt out)

Do you, too, shine brightly? Join Helios.
Free Virtual Hug Available to the next person who joins

Line ID: justf#ckenpeachy (replace # with a u)

Standard terms and conditions apply, offer not valid in all states of mind and is not packaged with any other deals, innuendos or creepy intimations. Helios is a registered trademark of absolutely nothing and is not liable for any actions taken in the physical universe outside of E&P. Qualified participants are expected to have a fair and balanced sense of humor, treat people with respect and, above all else, kick asss.

We have one spot open for a dedicated diamond-level player.

The best part about us? We enjoy a relaxed, yet competitive pace that allows for real life to progress even as we get stronger in E&P.

With full participation and no flasks we can slay a 12* but sit comfortably around 11* titans.
We don’t require war participation unless you make the choice to opt-in.

Join me, join us, join an experienced group of competitive and supportive members.

Been with Helios for close to 2 months now. A truly inspiring alliance with a lot of experienced players ready to help. Not to mention we have been consistently taking down 11* titans. Join us and let’s kick butts together!


I joined Helios a few months back. I had jumped from alliance to alliance previous to that looking for some real help and opportunity to grow. Well, it was the best in game decision I have made.

Prior to joining Helios I had spent a bit of coin and had a fantastic bench, but no guidance so my teams were a mess. Today my Defense is closing in on 4100 and the past three days I have woken up to an increase in cups…something I had never experienced before.

Prior to joining Helios I was BARELY able to raid up to Diamond. Earlier this week, I raided all the way up to 14 global.

Prior to joining Helios, I was a top attacker for my alliance on 8* titans but was doing it in a messy way and with no real strategy. Just a few weeks ago I was A+ on a 12* using nothing but small mana pots and a few arrows. (I did level during this Titan to be fair).

The guidance of folks like @PeachyKeen, Munch, Chi, et al. is invaluable for players on the cusp of major growth and the full helios family is a great place to be (Helios Turtle Farm is our growth Alliance and we have the helios Inn if you need a break).

Hope to see you on our winning team soon!

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Right now we are full, but if you want to build a relationship and stay in touch with me in case a spot opens up, please feel free to add me on line @ justf*ckenpeachy (replace the * with a u)

Helios is looking for you! Currently taking down 11* Kraken. I joined this wonderful alliance about two months ago and it is one of the best in-game decisions I ever made! Join us and you will surely love it here!

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We just trimmed some fat and are looking for committed daily hitters who are ready to kill 11*+ titans and have 100% war flag usage.

We have two spots open if you are ready to join a truly fun group of players that are serious about growing and winning together.

Helios is on a path to hit the top 100 (generally sitting in the mid 200s or low 300s) and we hope you will join us on our final push.

If Interested, use line to contact our leader @PeachyKeen @ justf*ckenpeachy (replace the * with a u).

If you need a testimonial from a player that joined to grow, contact me @ c2vs on line or check out my recent posts above or linked below.

You won’t be disappointed.


I just got my personal best titan hit yesterday: over 58k. I know, for those of you p2p players out there, this may seem like nothing. But for a f2p like me, this was a tremendous accomplishment and improvement; and I achieved this all because of my amazing alliance mates kept giving me incredible advice. I have grown so much since joining Helios, and I am sure you will do the same. Feel free to contact our fearless leader @PeachyKeen on Line at justf*ckenpeachy (replace the * with a u) if you are interested.

We look forward to seeing you!

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After a titan pass and moving a few players down to our lower alliance/out that needed to step back from the game we spawned a 10* rare and muuuuuuuuurdered it in 11 hours (could have been faster but we needed to wait for everyone to at least get one round of flags in, half dead at the hour mark).

Join Helios and help us do the same to 11/12*s


Join Helios and let us get all the ascension materials together!

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Hello again, it’s me…

Going to air out some dirty laundry for a little publicity. I’m going to sell you on Helios by giving some of the lines from former members who had negative things to say.

Why? Because I feel like it!

"you all need to get your S##T in a sock
(Person was not happy we used uniform tanks and did not like our war strategy. This is now an inside joke that refuses to die. left when wife was booted for causing drama)

I don’t think it’s right she took my kill.
(person was not happy we have a real war strategy that involves 1 hit per team. Started causing drama, got booted for causing drama.)

it (Chat) is too busy and puerile
(person did not like how much we chatted, or that we were being rather silly at that moment. it was a discussion involving many topics. started with unicorns, glitter and sequins… then went to turtlenecks, animal print, then sports, then politics, then hair color… pretty much every topic…)

((Complete silence))
(The player I booted for consistently not using all war flags and only a couple meager hits on a titan. They also never chatted or let us know what was going on.)

I’ll stay but hear me out, if we lose this next war, I’m ffff done. tired of fffff losing as good as I am
(The player had been with us less than a week and was unhappy we lost a single war. Titan hits were all ~20K or lower. In fairness, other leaders warned me about him but Helios gives everyone a chance. Until there’s drama. Did I mention that I booted this guy for causing drama?)

There you have it. Every alliance that’s been around for over 2 years has some dirty laundry. Helios shines on because we have an active core of awesome and (mostly) reasonable people. :slight_smile:

We enforce some basic minimum guidelines (~60k dmg or 6 titan flags, War opt out fine, full participation if opted-in) but the most important thing to us is that we treat each other with kindness and respect, we understand that real-life happens and that we are just here to have fun. Drama will get the boot, every time. Unkindness in all its forms is not tolerated.

Try us out, we’re always worth it.

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Title says it all.

You COULD scan this thread to read through through our “parting jabs” from previous members, testimonials and standard sales pitch… or you could just join us.

Obviously, you’re gunna need to be able to hang with 11* & 12* titans and use your war flags (if you choose to participate).

To be quite honest, I prefer if you are chatty and communicate frequently… but it’s not necessary as long as you read the featured message and send me fifty thousand dollars in small, unmarked bills.

Those bills are still in the mail btw. nit sure what the holdup is

Ok. So we’ve got a 12* red giant on our hands. Who wants to meet and greet the mighty Helios and get a few smacks in on a nasty burning giant?

Apparently Helios ISN’T for everyone.

You know what? That’s okay.

If you think this is a sales pitch, it is. Because that’s why I do this thing I do now.

We don’t support drama, that is for sure. If people are harassing others or expressing unkindness, they are booted. Sometimes without warning (depending on the severity, of course)

However, there might be inappropriate things said that won’t sit right with thin-skinned or otherwise easily-offended people. In other words, if you feel upset by people who commit microaggressions and don’t like it when people are ‘inappropriate’… maybe we’re just not for you. We don’t go out of our way to be vulgar or unnecessarily obtuse either.

We’re a kind and good people, we members of Helios. Do we have a drunk uncle who we barely understand but love anyway? Do we have standards that you have to use all of your war flags intelligently? Yes. We’re trying to win, if that’s okay with you. Do we have to pass on titans once in awhile? Sadly, yes, that’s where we are right now. We’re looking to improve and have cut some of the under-performing members from our staff, to get back to the top 200 and perhaps even in the top 100.

We have a lot to offer and do not put up with male bovine poop.

We kill every 11* that comes our way and a few 12* while we are at it.
We have coordinated war defenses and set reasonable expectations for war.
We have intelligent dialogue with regards to the game and life, and can offer support to someone who is looking to take their game up to the next level.

We will not, however, wrap you in bubble wrap or shield your ears from the big scary world that might possibly involve cursing or crude, inappropriate humor. Just not gunna happen.

This society is becoming overly sensitive and we will not be a part of that. We will be kind, nurturing, supportive and (above all else) eager to shed as much enemy blood as we can.

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@zephyr1 @Rook

Can you please close this thread? We have started a new recruitment threat sans the clutter.


As requested. :slight_smile:

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