🌞 **Helios** - One Spot Open (09/09) -- Current titan: 11* Emperor Dragon

Helios: 2 slots open
[Helios] Turtle Farm: 2 slots open

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Helios - We’re a Top 500 Alliance when we have a full roster, often top 300. We’re down 3 members now.

We take down 9*-11* Titans regularly. We are on pace to beat a 10* Volcanic Dragon even down 3 members.

2000 Cup Minimum

We are a fun, chatty, easy going group. Daily participation is expected, but if you miss a Titan once in a while we can live with it. Alliance Wars participation is encouraged, but not required. Just opt out if you can’t/don’t want to war.

We have Line and Discord, again participation encouraged but not required. We are an English speaking Alliance, ignore the Japanese flag!

Check us out!

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We’re still looking for two members. Please take a look.

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We are doing much better since the August posting by DJ.

We kill almost every 10* and some 11* and have a ridiculously great group of folks.

DJ is on hiatus from E&P while life takes over, otherwise I’d update the title too.

Looking for a solid member with a ~4000 team power.
Wars are optional but if you opt in, use all 6 flags.
Don’t miss titans.

Helios has 3 openings in the main alliance, and 2 in the Turtle Farm.

I started in The Farm and was quickly recruited to the main alliance. This is a great group of people, fun to be around. Competitive, but Not overbearingly so. We ask you hit the Titan, and either use all 6 war flags or opt out.

We’re taking down a 10* Titan right now. Join and grow with us!

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Join us, come one and all!

This is where i would always suggest joining if you are experienced and want a good, chill group of folks to enjoy the game with.

Due to a few members leaving for life circumstances, we have 5 open spots.

We would love to have you all join our alliance.

Wars: We coordinate reset times but just require all flags be used (if opted-in, not required)
Titans: That’s the most fun aspect of this game, so titan hits are required.
Communication: Can any alliance that hosts both @PeachyKeen and @DJQuixo be completely politically-correct? No. So if you like to be a grownup and speak about grownup things, plus are active in the game? You will like it here

Culture We are a ‘real life first’ alliance which means we understand that most of us have stressful jobs, kids, lives to attend to. Just tell us ‘what’s up’ and we can hang. We are friendly and are respectful of each other.
(as for me, personally, as co-leader, I tolerate zero drama)

INACTIVITY POLICY If you are going to be inactive for awhile, we ask you to go to HELIOS INN where you can play at your own pace (or not at all).

TRAINING ALLIANCE Fair warning, we hit 9, 10 and 11* titans, so if you want your titans in the 7* range, we’ve got [Helios] Turtle Farm

Hello. I am very interested in joining your alliance. I am a very active player (daily) who participates in every war and titan, and always uses all flags. The only thing is that I only have around 1000 cups and I practice cup dropping from time to time. Is your 2000-cup requirement non-negotiable?

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I will drop cups for you now.

Thank you! I really appreciate it! Could I send a join request now and mention your name?

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yes you can. i will accept

Thank you! Is Razvedchik the alliance leader? Just wanted to make sure I join the right one :slight_smile:

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yes, that is our fearless leader.


There’s a guy named PeachyKeen there, too.

Thanks! I just realized I cup dropped to 600 lol… Would it be possible for you to lower it again for me? If that is too much to ask, I can fight my way up to 1000 then join.

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give it a go now. i’ll raise it after you join

Thank you so much! I am in now


All set!

I merged in both threads in chronological order — they had intertwined dates, so I did the merges selectively to force them into order. And I closed the other two threads with a link pointing to here.


Thank you for your help, as always :slight_smile:

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Helios waiting for you come to join us :slight_smile:

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4 spots open. Welcome new members PhilMikeHawk & Light’s Messenger!

We are taking down all 9* and most 10*, but we need 1 or 2 more strong members so we can start taking down all 10* and most 11*

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