🌞 **Helios** - 3 Spots Open for 3500+ player -- Current titan: 10* Rare Harpy


I joined this amazing alliance about two months ago. It is one of the best decisions I ever made in this game. Many members are powerful and skilled veterans, so I have learned a lot from them. At the same time, Helios is not overly competitive. Everyone is expected to contribute, yes; but we all understand real life comes first. As long as you keep the family informed, it is totally fine to miss titans or wars. In short, Helios is a dedicated yet friendly alliance. Whether you are an experienced player looking to advance further; or a new one still learning about the game, you will surely find your place in Helios. By the way, they are not paying me to say this. Everything comes from the heart. Hope to see you all in the alliance!

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I recently joined Helios (see above)

A few thoughts.

-Seriously funny group
-HUGE knowledge base and a excellent place to grow
-Great group of guys and gals from across the US and abroad
-Serious about winning. But understands life commitment (father of three very young kiddos here)

Would 100% recommend joining if you are ready to rock some titans, win wars, learn from the vets, and have an all around good time.

Also…despite what @PeachyKeen said above…do not ask @DJQuixo about the washing machine. Trust me :wink:


Thanks, @Cvs & @lightsmessenger . We enjoy having the both of you.

if you, as someone who has not yet joined Helios, needed further verification that Helios rocks… there you have it.

We are a good, solid group, and we treat everyone like family…


Our door is still open! If you are looking for a serious yet friendly alliance, then Helios is the place for you! I have learned and grown so much from being in this family, and I am sure you will feel the same. Hope to see you all in game!