Hel vs Joon vs Lianna

Which hero would you work on first?

Hel, I have Joon and Hel maxed and Lianna at 4^13.
Hel definetly.

Hel first, she just is a better hero and her damage on a holy main target hits as hard as Gregorion.

Hel. She’s one of the best heroes (heroines?) in this game. Mana block for 3 turns and 3 targets is a huge advantage especially in PvP offense.
Lianna and Joon are good snipers but that’s it. Hel is just outstanding.

If you’re at a place where you have each of these 3 leveled as far as you can go, and need to choose only one to ascend further because of lack of ascension materials, I agree with the above posts about Hel.

If this isn’t the case, I’d say all 3…purple feeders to Hel, yellow feeders to Joon, and green feeders to Lianna. It will take longer to do a single hero, but it will be quicker (and more efficient on resources) in the long run for all 3. I’m a strong proponent of same-color leveling unless you already have a very deep team

Thank you all, I appreciate the input. I am also a believer in same clor leveling

Hel and will forever be Hel.

Depends on your roster but I believe in power feeding. If I get a new hero that I really want to use right away, I would power feed it so that I get to enjoy my new toy ASAP.

Once you have more than enough heroes, you can slowly do mono color feeding on secondary heroes.

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