Hel/Proteus special

I’ve noticed a problem with these 2. If their special fires off when an opponent is nearly full - the opponent will frequently fire off anyway. Does your programming eliminate the "trickle mana generation " that happens for all opponents- or just stop the mana when the opponent is hit directly??? I’ve lost several battles and the resulting loss of loot because opponents gained mana and fired off when they should not have been able to…

Hel and Proteus block any future mana generation, they don’t silence the enemy (like Miki and Peters) so if the hero’s mana is full, they will fire.

Also, if the targeted hero is cleric, they can avoid the mana block. Other heroes such as Grazul and Aeron also prevent Hel’s/Proteus’ effect.


Yes - I understand that. But I’ve had situations where opponents who weren’t clerics hit me 2 or 3 turns after I fired Hel/Proteus. They were close to being maxed when I fired off - but they seemed to finish off their mana generation and hit me anyway

The monk class can also withstand status ailments.

Is it possible that the mana block was cleansed (e.g. by Kunchen, Zimkitha, Vivica, etc)?

A video showing what’s happening would be the best way of showing all what the issue is.

Could they have been blinded, so even though you fired the special missed?

Were your heroes blinded maybe?

I could not observe any problems with my Proteus. I cannot recall any enemy firing if the block was successfully applied and was still active (not cleansed).

Inari buff can also cause it to miss.

Hel/Proteus skill can also miss due to status buff such as from Wu Kong/Ranvir or status ailment such as from Joon/Justice/Hu Tao/Bane/Neith/Drake Fong.

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