Hel plus Merlin

I have both Hel and Merlin, and have leveled them fairly high, but can’t figure out a good way to use them both at the same time (usually against yellow titan, as you can imagine). Any thoughts, or should they be kept separate? Their specials are both great, but don’t compliment each other very well, unless I’m screwing them up…

I actually love them together. Hel doesn’t shut down toons who are already powered up, Merlin does. Typically by the time I get them charged, one of the enemy heroes is ready to fire. I hit them with Merlin, and shut down the complete other side of the enemy team with Hel.


Good call! I had noticed that with Hel, but hadn’t yet considered Merlin as a safety valve before she shut people down…

I use Hel + Merlin all the time. As TW points out, Merlin on the fully charged hero, Hel stops the other side. It works well.

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