Hel or Sartana?

I FINALLY got that 6th Tibard. I like the speed of Sartana but the mana stop of Hel has saved me more than once. This will be my first go at fully maxing out a 5* and don’t want to screw it up. I play a rainbow team. Which do you folks think is the smarter play?

Hel is the best purple hero for raids and she is good for everything else, Sartana is just another sniper.




Anything else leads ts to regret

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Sartana is awesome, but Hel is a game changer. I have both and I leveled up a second Hel before going back to Sartana. She’s like crack and I am addicted.


Hel, always Hel. She’s the best purple, and one of the best heroes in this entire game.

Sartana is cool and all… but she can’t even hold a candle to Hel; there are so many snipers, but there’s only one Hel.


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If you play with Hel you should already know the answer.

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Hel is the best dark hero in the game, ascend her.

If you have the mystic mages troop, try to get them to level 23. This will shave a tile off of the amount she needs to charge

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What the HEL question is this?
HEL is the answer and right choice.


Got both leveled, didn’t regret the effort to ascend either, but if I’d had the choice at the time, I’d have gone straight to Hel.

Lmao been awhile but finally got another laugh thanks to you

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You were asking for the best of the best…HEL is the answer.

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Thank you everyone. Clear winner is Hel.

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