Hel or Clarissa

Who should I ascend? I got telluria so I don’t know about clarissas emblems but I can invest in hel

Absolutely HEL no doubt.
If you can use 23 or over leveled mana troop, it’s certain.
I know Clarissa is worth to 4th ascend cause I got her and use her 15 emblem node.
But you said can’t use emblem.
HEL is one of the best mana controller and with emblems, she’ll be a game changer.


Hel. In my opinion, she’s one of the best. I don’t have her on my Def team, but when I attack, she’s mandatory. So incredibly useful.

Hel is covered as probably a top five hero in the game. Clarissa is solid but hel will help you everywhere and bring your game up a notch.

Hel, one of 2 winged femme legendaries I would love to have as I already have Athena. The other one is Zeline.

Well thanks all for the advice, but I got one more, son white or Skadi?

I meant Snow White lol