Hel or c victor or Rayne?

My purple team consists of panther, khiona, Moreau, kageburado and clarissa. Battles is my preference

Oh my I would so want Hel - every time I open HA10, I close my eyes and hope for Hel.
Anyhow … I personally would focus on Hel first
But whichever hero you choose good luck


Hel is still one of the best heroes in the game IMO. No doubt go with Hel!


Hel is, without a doubt, one of the best heroes in the game.

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Maybe it helps. I think that either Hel or C. Victor would fit best with Panther and Moreau hit 3

  • Hel
  • Costume Victor
  • Rayne

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She may look old in stats, but Hel is still n°1 game changer in the app. Can’t quite raid without her


Costume Victor is insane with very fast def down on 3 and the dot and steal healing !On Very fast!!!

Based on your other purples I would probably go with c-victor. His dot stacks with Clarissa and I run the same 3, kage or Hannah, c-victor, and Clarissa with an off color healer and it’s really effective. Works well against almost any defense because it’s so fast you can get ahead of most teams.

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When I look back at what Proteus did for me before my roster was filled out, I have to agree with those voting Hel.


For a walloping trinity = Panther (for EDEFD), C.Victor (for DEFD), and Moreau

C.Victor by himself is arguably less impressive compared to the other two, but that trinity above is strong.

Rayne would be awesome if Fast, but at Average I would go Hel over her due to the epic nature of Hel’s special.

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The trinity would do a lot better with Hel as the third because she’s stronger and has a better special that will fire at the appropriate time.

Now that I think about, Hel’s special kind of cancels Moreau’s. If they don’t have mana to fire in the next turns, then the blind is useless. On the other hand, Moreau hits hard enough and he can also work against those with full mana that Hel cannot stop

Hel it is. I will start with her then Rayne then c victor

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your team lacking mana controller, Hel is.

Hell … I love her everywhere

I will add voice to those saying Hel, I have won about ninetysomethingpercent of raids with her, wouldn’t attack without her.