Hel needs to be part of her Norse family

I just spotted Hel among the monthly legendary heroes, and to make matters even more puzzling is the fact that she has no family despite the fact that she clearly comes from season 3, where she lost the cube.

Why is she not part of one of the Norse families? In fact she has no bonuses at all.

Please fix that.

P.S. Please have the classic heroes adopted into families as well. Many of the classic ice heroes look like they belong with the Norse.

Certain Earth heroes look like they could become a family that is about Robin Hood and his gang.

You are aware that Hel was one of the first HoTMs released years before season 3 right?


Kadilen and Elkanen too


Here’s the answer. Give Hel her family and she’ll be far stronger than how she is now. She was the very first HOTM and is still a good hero to have, level, ascend, max and emblem.

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When I saw her, she does not have any special immunities like other legendary heroes of the month.

All first generation HOTMs do. They do not have Element Link and passive abilities/immunities. Check Ares, Zeline, Athena, Thoth-Amun, Perseus, Alberich, Natalia, Musashi, and Delilah.

2nd generation HOTM commenced with Aeron (I think). I began playing when Alasie was the HOTM.

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Once she was scary, now she’s just weak. Power creep changed tides.


Would love her to be part of the Vanaheim family.

I believe she was also nerfed.
But yeah, Hel is definitely nice but nowhere near current standards.

Old HOTMs, season 3 and seasonal heroes are being pha$e out. Rebuild $tronger team. Have you obse4ved how they introduce new ones$? There are no more new building$… Hel was really a hell in her time, her no mana for 3x.

IMHO she is far from obsolete. Mana controllers are pretty important in any meta, as she can delay mana generation. I use Proteus pretty often, and would love to have her. There are some talents and passive specials that may negate her mana stop, but for the vast majority of the heroes, she is effective even with new heroes.


I think they should make hel a norse costume. That way she can be adopted into season 3, the costume would add to her and offer the norse family bonus

Some would think that’s too much, but it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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She is a character in season 3, therefore it is illogical for her to not be adopted into one of the Norse families.

Elkanen and Kadilen also appear as Valhalla boss, does this mean they should have Valhalla realm bonus too despite coming from S1?

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In fact for more than a year I’ve been advocating for the adoption of all season 1 heroes into families.

If no family that exists already has a suitable spot for a season 1 hero then they form their own family.