HEL and Proteus Glitch

There is a glitch when Hel or Proteus fires and the targets’ mana doesn’t stop. This has been happening quite a bit with my raids since the last update. If the staff can look into this, it would be greatly appreciated. My entire strategy for raiding is predicated on mana control and Hel is the hero I use most.

I am trying to recreate the glitch, but I can’t record each and every raid. Hopefully I can capture the glitch on the videos I do record.

It may well be a glitch, but is it possible that you are encountering the new class skills? I know that my paladin has a % chance of preventing opponents from messing with his mana.

They don’t stop all gain, only gain from normal sources (like getting hit by tiles). Alby’s mana boost, for instance, will still cause their mana to go up. And Onatel can still steal mana while under the influence of Proteus/Hel.

Is it possible this is what you’ve been seeing?

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Is it possible you’ve encountered this while facing the Queen of Hearts? Her minion ensures that all specials can only target her, so maybe that played into it?

If the targeted enemies are fully mana charged, the gaining stop will only start after they casted their specials.

No, there are no “notifications” of evade, resist or buffs like that.

No, you will see the “mana stop” emblem and a grayed out mana when the feature is working. After they are hit, there is no emblem and the mana bar is still light blue.

Yes, I am aware of that. The ones I’ve encountered are usually at 30-50% mana.

That’s bad. I run Proteus a fair amount, so I’ll keep an eye out. Any idea for what sorts of conditions make it more likely to happen?


It usually seems like it happens if a special hits them before the mana stop.

Roger that. I’ll try to record some Proteus raids and make sure to fire him second.

Yeah, normally I use the combo of panther + hel. That’s when it’s happening the most.

It would be very helpful if you could get some screenshots and/or video of the problem.


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