Hel able to won/draw date

As the title states im a newer-ish player and would love to own her. Is there a place new players can look to see when some heros are up to get?

Thanks in advance,


Hel is a past HOTM (and the first HOTM at that), meaning she was only available during the month she was released as a bonus draw. She has only been rereleased once so far (during the opening of the Atlantis portal).

I’d assume she’ll make another appearance there sometime soon, but you never know with Atlantis. She’s definitely one a lot of people chase after, and is a personal favorite of mine too.

Wish you luck if she does make an appearance :grin:


Oh ok thanks! I started playing near the end of Atlantis and didnt know really about her. I will look for her the next time she is out!

Does Atlantis not contain all past HotM? Is it only the most recent then, or something? (The next Atlantis will be my first - still learning the ropes!)

The Atlantis Summons each month contains 2 previous HOTM, plus the usual bonus chance for the current HOTM. The 2 offered each time so far haven’t had much rhyme or reason that would imply a pattern for predicting future choices. I suspect SG is either picking them editorially, or like so many other things in this game, maybe they rolled some dice. :laughing:

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Ares was already available twice, so I think it’s safe to assume Hel will also return.

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“You tell 'em I’M coming… and Hel’s coming with me, you hear?! Hel’s coming with me!”


Oh, man… that’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

I’m hoping neither of them come back up for a long time… but that’s because I was lucky enough to draw them both already, and I really don’t want to face Hel on other teams any more than I have to. I’m selfish like that.


I’ve got Ares but no Hel. So I’d vote for Hel and Delilah for a little Dark/Holy contrast action.


I’m excited for the groans, piss, and moans when Aegir comes back :slight_smile:


Not going to lie, I’m also selfishly okay with Ares and Hel not coming back, as I also have both (just picked up ares last month) and now picked up King Arthur. Really liking the way my team is shaping up, with evelyn and Drake Fong rounding out my 5* rainbow group at the moment. I’ve only been playing 4 months, so don’t have many 5s but definitely have the right 5s. Good luck in this Atlantis Pull.

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