Heimdall war bug

There’s a bug in game. If Heimdall is resurrecting somebody during the war it’s a 50% of the chance that it will not be saved if you are defeated. I noticed it in the last 4 wars. I am competing against the team with Heimdall. Sometime when my team is defeated ressurected units are staying sometimes not.

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I think I know the reason of your issue, and I think it is working as expected.

In Wars if you are defeated, then the opponent status is not saved if they will have more Health than at the start of the battle.

So if there are 3 opponents when you start, and Heimdall resurrected a 4th opponent when you defeated, then most likely the state is not saved.

You are getting 0 points for those warsl battles where the state is not saved.

If there are only 2 opponents, then most likely the state will be saved, and you are getting a positive war battle point for the hit.

So what you have written in your post is only an issue if you received more than 0 points for a war battle.

The similar can happen with other resurrecter or healer heroes.


I should make a few screenshots next time. If someone can do the same. We can make sure then if this is a bug or feature :slight_smile:

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It’s as P4F has said and very much depends on the teams state when you hit it.

Let’s say you hit a full team and you kill 2 but then for whatever reason (board, specials etc etc etc) you lose. If Heimdall was charged at the end he will fire at the end…you’ve already lost but there specials can still fire. He brings them both back let’s say. So when you then look at the team all 5 are there. Annoying, happened to us all.

Now let’s say you decide to do a clean with 2 dead heroes in it. Oh boy, board is terrible and nothing goes your way and at the end Heimdall revives one of them. But when you look at the team again there will only be the same 3 you started with. None of the revived heroes will stay for the next hitter.

This happens a heck of a lot in Rush war with multiple Mother Norths.


Sometimes a strategic Flee option is good to avoid these resurrections if your Heroes are close to death and a reviver/healer is about to fire his/her skill.


@Arty Correct the subject line :slightly_smiling_face:

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