Heimdall vs Frigg who should I limit break and why?

Who should I limit break ?

Frigg because better stats leads to better damage and doent’s increase flat healing value.


I have both at +20
And in my honest opinion, LB Frigg will benefit you more


I have Heimdall but not Frigg, and I’d say Frigg. If I had the aethers, I still don’t think I’d break Heimdall. Not because he’s not good - he’s a beast, and he’s far and away my best green - but he’s already the last man standing half the time when I bring him. He doesn’t need extra survivability, and his attack is an afterthought anyway. I’m thinking Lianna or Bertila for aethers when I have enough to break a five-star. Up that damage potential. I already hate fighting Frigg; limit broken Frigg is gonna suck even more.