Heimdall’s sword

Just curious if anyone knows what is written on Heimdall’s sword. I’ve tried looking up the runes online and search for anything related to any writing in his sword and couldn’t find anything. Here is a blown up picture of his sword.


Very cool. Good attention to detail, I would love to know the answer to this. For now, I will officially declare that it says: “He who smelt it, dealt it”



Hope it’s not upside down lol




Looks like it is. The second character should look more like an M than W

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Flipped it haha…

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if you look up each rune individually it will tell you. They are Nordic runes. I did the first few “upper and lower worlds meeting in midgard” “man” “protect”…etc etc


@Crow669 you have some experience with nordic runes, any ideas here?

lolwut no I don’t and 20 characters.

Decode :stuck_out_tongue:
See Elder Futhark (2nd to 8th centuries) in

Obviously wasn’t talking to you :stuck_out_tongue:
Just replied to your comment as you had blown up the image so he could see/ find it easier :stuck_out_tongue:

lol my bad…

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Well, not much… I think its a reference to wolfsbane/ulfsbane a swordmaker or a type of sword that was engraved.

The 3 letter word yiv should look like yiv, so theres ir right side up.

I think you can convert them in a rune writer online and then u gotta figure out if its english or a Scandinavian language.

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I think im wrong on the upside down thing… sorry

I did a little searching on the different runic alphabets the letter mannaz (looks like M but its a x between the vertical lines) appears on the sword both with the x bit in top n bottom.
This leaves me to speculate that sg has taken some artistic liberties with the artwork.
I might have another look but i fear theres not much hope for a cool story here

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The sword says:

“I’m going to be the one and only, when Telluria will be nerfed.”



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