Heimdall or Lady of the Lake

Some how I’m blessed with 5* healers. Just pulled Lady of the Lake today. I have Heimdall at 3/70 and need 2 more tonics. My debate is if LotL is the better choice or not. My alliance uses green tanks so I need one

If Heimdall, I’ll strip Aegir for emblems.

If LotL, she’ll compete with Mitsuko for emblems.

To support them on defense, there can be:

  • GM+14
  • Zimkitha+14
  • Joon+5 (no costume)
  • Magni+6 (no costume)
  • Mitsuko+6
  • Evelyn+12
  • Richard (no costume or emblems)
  • Aegir+9 (extra emblems waiting for Heimdall)

I also have some other 5* mostly without emblems that I probably would not use: Domitia, Vivica (+11), Sartana, Lianna, Anzogh (+5), Margaret (+5), Boss Wolf, Leonidas.

Have 2 Raffaele not yet leveled since I have so many healers already.

Who is the better tank for normal defense and war defense?


I think that you should for sure go with Heimdall tank. Heimdall (836 def and 1402 hp) is much tankier than Lady of the Lake (741 def and 1312 hp). Heimdall is also Paladin class which is optimal for tank. In addition, I would much rather strip Aegir of emblems than Mitsuko. Mitsuko is so important in this current meta of Telluria tanks with Vela/Finley that having a few emblems on her (def/hp path) can make a difference.

In regards to your war defense set up, you can do Heimdall flanked by GM and Magni if your alliance does rainbow defense in a certain order. Or you can even have both GM and Zimkitha on defense. I’ve seen quite a few high cup teams with both GM and Zim, especially since you don’t have Vela.


Interested in the same question,

I already have Telly as my tank, this is for offensive use only. Which one would you guys give tonics to first or who do you think is the better offensive healer?

Same answer. I don’t have either, but I’ve fought many and LotL can be squishy against a mono team. Heimdall is much harder to kill, and with his overhealth bonus, makes his teammates harder to kill, too.

His resurrection rate is the lowest of the zombie-makers, IIRC, but it’s still SOOOO annoying when it happens to you.

Although I’m only using them for offense so I won’t have the mono team issue, I do agree that he’s harder to kill when on the defensive side when I’m raiding and see him I’m definitely praying for a good board lol

Without having more context to the offensive team you would use Heimdall/LotL on, I would say Heimdall is the better offensive hero b/c he also gives attack up and has the chance to revive allies. LotL as potential to heal more at 42% (if an 5* hero has 1300 hp, then 0.42 * 1300 = 546 hp healed). However, many times, you won’t heal that much b/c some heroes will have reached max hp. Heimdall on the other hand will always heal all heroes by 500 (unless inflicted with -healing from Perseus or Sand heroes ofc).

I don’t have much experience with LotL offensively, but maybe there is some synergy with other minion heroes like Puss in Boots in a red/green stack. PiB and LotL would both be healers so the other 3 heroes on the team need to be hitters.

Overall, I would still say Heimdall is the better offensive hero due to the attack buff and revive capability.

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I would go with Heimdall.

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And I was on the same situation before 2 months, I decided LotL

I don’t regret this decision she its amazing and in offense and in offence, I use her and like tank and she performe for me much better than Telluria, also you can use Heimdall 3/70 without a problem, even on 3/70 he stay alive.

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