Heimdall or Frigg?

  • Heimdall
  • Frigg

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In what role? Defense or offense? Tank or flank? Raids or other? War defense?

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Darn. They have different functions for different uses. Heimdall is one of the best tank because his defense stat is second to none, and he boosts max health of allies, gives attack buff and has a low chance resurrect skills. Frigg on the other hand is a good support utility hero that deals massive AOE damage when the condition is right. She is the only fast hero that debuffs enemy defense to all.

The best answer is: MAX BOTH !! I know I will, if I can just get my hands on them…


You’re right I should have specified. thinking about defense specifically for both raids and wars. I think heimdall beats her at tank. But I think Griggs overall value might be better.

In a defence role, in my opinion, Heimdall is a better tank.
And to be honest I would currently strip emblems off Telluria to give to Heimdall and swap him into my defence team.


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