Heimdall bug when Malosi suppressing

I fired Malosi on Heimdall before his special went off during War. Regardless he revived all teammates and put stacks and buffs on them all.

Heimdall’s special has three parts to it:

  1. Revive
  2. Additional Health
  3. Attack Buff

Of those three elements, only the Attack Buff is considered a “buff” and hence the only part which is subject to Malosi’s “Buff/Effect Block”

You can see from you screenshot there is no “attack buff” emblem. There is the buff from Aegir tho (the sword with the heart) but that is very different to Heimdall’s straight attack buff.


Your explanation makes sense. Just seems silly to me. It works but it doesnt haha.

Better hit Aegir next time. :wink:

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