Health or defense


What are the pros and cons of accepting +36 health vs +18 defence for classes? (hope this topic hasn’t been discussed yet, sorry if it has)

As far as I can see:

  1. Characters with higher (defense x 2) than health stat and a high defense troop should keep increasing defense to maximise troop buff.

1b) Similarly if your hero uses a health boosting troop and has a pretty high health you should keep increasing health (but in most cases aren’t defense buffs higher so shouldn’t you always choose defense unless you are Gobbler or something)

  1. Health is unaffected by defence down debuffs

  2. Higher health is better for healing purposes where the healer heals a fixed percentage

Almost always choose defense??

Am I missing anything??

Thanks all

I think it’ll depend from hero to hero: heroes that gives minions and heals will greatly improve with HP while other would be better with DEF.

Also, on defense we got a +20% DEF and ATK buff, not a HP one and in the end I think that Id pick more DEF buff over HP ones.


Lancelot, gobler certainly choose to defense :smile:

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I see it differently

When your hero have 500 defense, +18 defense mean 3.6% increase while if your hero have 1000 defense, +18 is just 1.8% increase.

When your hero have 1000 health, +36 health mean 3.6% increase while if your hero have 1440 health, +36 is just 2.5% increase.

That means the increase is higher if you put it on the lower stat, if your hero have high defense low health, health investment will be better, but if your hero have low defense high health, defense investment will be better.

Generally speaking, defense investment is better in most but not all case due to being ^1.35 in damage calculation. I have done some calculation and I found out that health investment will only be better if defense/health ratio is above 0.67 such as in the case of Sonya (almost all hero fall below that point, hence why most of the time defense investment is better).

Btw, is damage over time affected by defense?

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I don’t think so. Which lends strength to your argument.

Hmm, I guess I was coming from the perspective that troop bonuses don’t really give a big boost to health. I still haven’t quite worked it out.

My general approach so far has been to use defense on everyone BUT those whose skill is a % healing. So health for Rigard, by way of an example. Same for Tusk. Kiril is a bit of a tossup since he has a skill that increases defense and a % heal…

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