Healing (without cleanses) removes debufs: "Fiend Scarab bomb and Traps..."

Good day. I would like to report a problem that arises during treatment. If Melendor, Kiril, Boldtusk, Sabina and other healers who do not have the ability (cleanses) conjure their ability during the match, they also remove the negative debuffs of their own team (Fiend, traps…).

Scarab bomb fiends from Scoratek, Khepri… are thus removed by those healers who do not have the cleanse skill in their description. And with this fall, they are disadvantaged because these bombs do not explode, they are removed and do not deal damage.

The following traps eg: from Maheegan are also removed and have no effect.

Dispel buffs from all enemies also removes negative debuffs from your own team.

This problem has been going on for more than a month. Therefore, I am asking for the following verification and correction.

Fiends are removed by healing. They absorb a certain amount of healing and are removed once that amount has been reached. Any debuff the fiend gives to the enemy is also removed along with the fiend. This is clearly pointed out in the fiend description where it says X effect will remain as long as the enemy has fiends. I would imagine this is the debuff which is being removed as the debuff is given by the fiend. The same happens vice versa with minions and any benefit they give such as Counter-attack will be removed once the minion is defeated.

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Thanks for the clarification, I didn’t think of this :slight_smile: