Healing Link

So we have Spirit Link that shares damage between allies and Element Link that shares small special effects between heroes of the same element. How about a Healing Link that shares healing between allies? Something like that, perhaps in conjunction with a healing increase like Triton’s, could make self-healers or 3-healers much more useful.

Latest elemental links have been healing “links”

True, but what I meant is that all healing would be shared much like how Spirit Link shares damage. For example, Leonidas hits an enemy and, instead of healing himself for 500 HP, all allies are healed for 100 HP.

Oh i see. Hmm undecided on that one. At surface view, i don’t like it. But i don’t want to be certain i dont like it until I’ve thought of different angles. On the surface it sounds OP. But I’ll think on it further to give a better response.

It’s already a pain when someone brings multiple group healers to the party.

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