Healing bonus and elemental link

Zimkitha’s elemental link heals 4%.

By taking this healing bonus upgrade Zimkitha’s heal is still… 4%

The wording is somehow a bit misleading, I wouldn’t have chosen this route if I knew the bonus applied to after the initial special skill healing was given. Ie. +2% of 4% which is basically no effect.

Of course it makes a difference when there’s another healer healing but still an overall stupid choice…

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I’m sure you’re not the only person who’s found that confusing.

I think it just works the same way as Troop healing bonuses do, by increasing the amount of the healing. But it’s not that they get that percentage HP, just that much of an increase over what they would have gotten otherwise.

The wording on Troops is slightly different, although I’m not sure it’s any less confusing.


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