Healers on war defense

So I read a lot. Sometimes too much and that just adds to confusion :slight_smile: Most of what I am reading is a bit older before newer heros and emblems were a thing. Anyway, I have tried numerous teams and many still are one shots and my question is this: Do any of you have luck with a non healer team on defense? Currently using a Guin tank so there is some healing there, but trying to see if I should forgo the others for damage. My roster is fairly deep, but I find myself always rearranging to no end. Thanks gang!

My main defense at war is very successful, with no healers. Seshat, Drake, GM, Magni and Elk. 4282 TP. And those wings are very tough and annoying, because Elk heals himself (emblems only to atk path) and Seshat is… Seshat.

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I run a Guin when we do yellow tanks and she can get one shotted. If you’ve got the depth, try and make up for her average mana with fast or very fast flanks. Guin will draw a dark stack the majority of the time so those heroes will be quite neutral to counterattack that isn’t Holy (don’t stack the tank colour).

Dark guards are a great trick to run, especially Panther on left flank. If you don’t run a rainbow defense then pair her with some pairs of colours that work well together (And heroes that buff against their weak colours). I run a Zim, Frida, Guin, Mitsy, Alaise raid team with great success despite a lack of depth at troops.

This is what I was wanting to play with this war. I do have fun experimenting but just felt my healers weren’t doing as much as they once did.

At a certain level of play, you’re going to be one-shot more often than not, so I wouldn’t get too down about that.

That said, if you have Alby or North, then you definitely want them sitting in your left corner. But I’m guessing that’s not an option, in which case I’d say Guin is healing enough. Surround her with snipers and hope they don’t get the tiles to knock her out in those first 3-4 moves.

Alby and North aside, one healer is ideal, it seems to me.


If I get down to the dregs in war and a bunch of high TP defenders, so have no chance of a one shot, I’m happy to see a team to attack with no healer. Gives me a great chance of punching a big hole, and it’s very unusual for that defense to survive two attacks, even late in war. (This assumes no Field Aid.)


I second that. It’s always great to see a team without a healer to attack. I find that healers on war defense can be pretty challenging if the tiles go a certain way.

Another thing to consider, when there’s an obvious big dog on the field your opponents will take their best team against it. It looks like you have a great team and you may fall into the ‘big dog’ category. If so, you’re drawing those big hitters away from your fellow teammates. Let them use their best hitters on you. That’s less to use elsewhere in the board :slightly_smiling_face:


Like these?

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Thanks for all of the replies gang!

With Guin tank, surround with fast damage. No other healers needed, unless you want to put MN or Alby in the left corner.

Like Capt said, once you reach an actual competitive level where you have 30v30 and not one defense is under 4200, most over 4300, you’re just going to get 1 shot. A lot.

For example one of our best defenses (purple tanks) is GM - Drake - Kunchen - Drake - Evelyn with high troops, and I believe he was 1 shot 2 out of 4 times this war.


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