Healers needed at each * and color

You can doubt the 5% all day long but I personally have a 5.7% rate and there is a thread going back years over thousands of pulls from TC20 which shows that it is just about 5%. Search forum for TC20 results.

I still don’t get the need for healers in every color. Again there isn’t a ramming pulverizer in every color like Grimm, Gormek, Tiburtus. Also as I said, you can get EVERY hero from S1 free. I did get some from pulls but Vivica is from TC20 and I have since gotten EVERY healer from their as well which gives me multiple copies.

I don’t know why the focus on healers. Also as the game progresses, 3* hero’s become irrelavent. Like Sha Ji at 2* you will also stop using Belith and Hawk later too. Kiril, Mel, BT, Rigard, Sabina are all used forever like the other higher healers.

Vivica is yellow, she is a healer and she is a 5*. By your argument, we should also have a red, green, blue and purple calssic healer too? I don’t get why you are arguing for lower tier hero’s.

I have an alt account that I never put a penny into. I have the only HOTM I ever got in their(Aegir, ironically a healer of sorts…LOL). I also have the 3* classics and some 4* heros like BT. If perhaps there was a reason other than balance of color people might listen but the argument of no yellow 4* is not viable.
Like I said, by that logic we should have other 5* classic healers to match Viv. There are other color healers in s2 and HOTM but they are classic.
Personally I really don’t get it. Green Mel or purple Sabina/Rigard work just fine except in the RARE cases where there is a tournament that can’t use that color or Tier. However as that feature is new, this isn’t an issue. For the regular maps, you can take any color healer. It isn’t like green only heals green or purple on purple. They heal ALL.
The one trial has literally so many healers that is should be called the Trial of NonViolence as there is it really needs to be beat with tiles or items since most have healing skills.

For the ones in favor of this yellow 4*, please give a reason why you want it. There is only Cyprian and Boril in classic 4 that do riposte yet you aren’t arguing for a rainbow squad of them or as earlier I said you have red, blue and purple ramming pulvos but no green or yellow. There are snipers of every color in classic(lianna, magni, joon, sartana and marjana) but there is only 1 Thorne (thankfully…jk…LOL).

Imagine if there were a copy of each feature in each tier and color. The hero number would get nuts. It also would ruin the game. There is no need for all color all features. That is the challenge. Like Mitsuko, she is great against blue heros like Isarnia and Frida but only cuts mana when heros aren’t blue. The matching of color, tier, skill, etc. is what makes it interesting. You have to adjust your teams. Otherwise, like the whales with every hero, you basically just load your best and know victory is yours. The challenge is in the fight.

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As I asked the other poster, can you give a REASON? First, you say yellow is the “healing color” but that make little sense. Why yellow? It is Holy but in that same color you also have hero’s that destroy. The game progresses upward not down so their is little need to add low tier hero’s. Muggy was added to s2 which was a shock but a welcome one. s2 is is where hero’s are being added and so that would be where a new healer would have a better shot at arriving. However since that is over, you have a new batch of hero’s with new skills. Also, note that s2 didn’t have anything lower than 3* since by then you are likely not using them.
S3 will likely bring a whole new batch of hero’s from 3 and up and maybe there will be a yellow healer 4 that you ask for. But then you get really specific and want it to be in a certain color, tier and class. But even more confusing is that you ask for ANOTHER purple healer that is a barbaran or rogue. You already have Rigard and Sabina at 4*. Why is there a need for ANOTHER purple healer? And why in those classes?
See my other post for other issues with this such as it seeming like the only reason for this want is to have healers in every color. But as I said, you don’t have ramming pulvos in every color, only grimm, gormek and tibs so no green or yellow there either. Would we have to add those too?

There are already nearly tons of hero’s in the game with unique skills. The other thing is the devs can’t just release a new feature at a new tier as it could upset things. If you just look at s1 with no HOTM or events, the balance is pretty good. hitters, snipers, healers, counter-attacks, etc. If everyone had every hero, this would be pretty boring. Yes I want every hero but I can also see the downside of that (though if SG wants to slide LIanna in tc20 I won’t complain…LOL). I would suggest arguing for things like the s2 heros to be added to TC20 so they aren’t locked behind a pay wall. You can get 300 coins for beating s2 on normal and 500 on hard which is 8 pulls plus you get coins for each level so you can get quite a few pulls as a f2p if you manage to beat it. However, once you do them you have no real way to generate a decent amount of coins. That is an argument I can get behind. There are several threads that ask for that very thing with many supporters.

Anyhow, if you reply, could you at least give your reasoning other than you want one of every color since that makes no sense because you only ask for healers. And you also say 1 or 2 are always needed? I can beat many levels with no healers. Others like s2 boss on hard took 3 (kiril, BT and vivca) but that is the good part I think. And BTW, Viv isn’t max, she is at 3.55 since I gave Joon my darts. I just got Justice but Viv will get the next set after Shiloh. I only mention this so you don’t think I use her often. I only used her in the boos stage. Mel and Kiril were my go to healers as I only recently got BT and maxed him and Sabina sat since I had Mel and Rigard is in the same boat since I have Viv but I will max them all soon.

Good gaming…

Two issues here. You say that heros only heal themselves with a hit but don’t help allies. You are forgetting Aegir, Anzogh and probably others I am forgetting. Aegir after being fixed heals for 100% of all damage for ALL allies. He used to only do 3 but after the v20 fix he heals all allies. He is the only HOTM I have and he’s in my f2p alt account. He heals with tile damage. Anzogh heals with skill damage. The new HOTM next month is a 5* but heals very fast at 15%. That is new.
The second issue is that you say Hawkmoon doesn’t do anything other than heal poorly. Whhhhattt? She heals the same amount as Belith but doesn’t dispel like Belith. Hawkmoon is a great 3* healer. Yes the debuff of Belith makes her great like a mini-Melendor but Hawkmoon heals just as well. FT is also useful despite healing only 3. If you have belith, there is little need but he is very useful if you have nothing else. Also, if you have him plus Bel or Hawk you have 2 and can gain mana plus dispel is you use the 2 green.
Why you think she heals “poorly” is beyond me.
There is another issue where you say Vivica is only available in TC. I think your post was edited though it was quoted below about Vivica. I can’t find it in this post so I guess it was edited or I missed it. But you can also get Rigard, Mel, sabina, Kiril, BT from the TC. I have gotten them all multiple times including 1 Viv. I also tracked my TC20 results and got 5.7% after 140 pulls. It was actually higher at 100 at 6% but as expected it levels off to the expected value of 5% as sample size gets larger.

You are implying things I have never said.

  1. I DO think it is good that not every colour and rarity has every type special.
  2. No, wo don’t need five classic 5* healers.

My argument is, that 1 out of 20 training camp 5* healers is not enough while there are/were several healers in various colours and with various added special effects available through summons.
This created a substantial discrepancy between free and even cheap to play people and those who get every second HotM and have many Atlantis heroes.

You cannot compare riposte to healing. Apart from dealing damage, healing is the most basic effect and extremely important. Riposte is a nice special effect than can be quite useful and effective, but you can easily do without it. I would also not demand there be mana cutters in every colour or a rainbow set of Wu Kongs.

True. I have Rigard+18 and Boldtusk+18 and would prefer them most of the times even of I had Vivica.
If I had a medium or even fast 5* healer, however, I would most probably give this hero emblems (depending on the secondary effects) and s/he would be much stronger than Rigard and BT

If this (+ old HotM) were the case, I would be happy as well.
Non/small spenders would have realistic chances to get 5* healers/supporters like Delilah, Ares, Alby, Ariel…

Let’s see what the Hero Academy will do for us.

I give up. We have healers in every tier. We have healers/helpers as well. I don’t know how adding more would help. If you can’t pull one from the current pool, increasing it would not make your chances better, they would actually get slightly worse. Even using only 5s you get 1/20 but adding another gives 1/21 slightly worse. But remember that’s only legendary. You also have to add 3,4s to that then try to get that one hero.
There are plenty in my opinion. You can beat s1 worth just 1. S2 can be beat on normal with 1 as well. S2 hard is a different beast that I took 3 healers to beat. However in no case would a yellow healer have made the job Any easier. Viv is yellow. You have as much shot at her as you do any other plus a great chance from tc. Maybe cause I got them all idk but I only really use Mel and kiril as I recently maxed bt, just got rigard a month ago and Sabina sits since I have Mel. Even viv is at 3.55 since I don’t have darts as joon got them. And would this be a pure healer like mel, rigard, Sabina or a partial like bt, Kiril

Hopefully we can agree that 4 star heroes are the foundation of the game.

Unfortunately, Holy/Yellow is lacking some of the basics that other colors have.

  • Holy is the only color without a 4 star healer

  • Holy doesn’t have a 4 star defense debuff hero

By contrast, their brother/sister color Dark/Purple has both of those things.

In season 3, could you please provide some or all of these elements to holy? Or at least a healer?


My vote for added 3* healers, other than the current green and red.
Please add more 3* healers!

Oh, give Sabina a costume!

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In s3 beta there is holy 4* healer added, but he is slow)

It was nice to see a new 4* yellow healer in Springvale, Lady Woolerton
but when you look at classic hero quantities and hero classes posts above, you will see that there is an unequal amount of heroes of each color and an unbalanced amount of healers in classes.

They really need to equalize the quantity of classic heroes available all the time in the Epic Hero Summon and Elemental Summon especially since epic hero summon uses Epic Hero Tokens.
The season 2/3 and event/seasonal heroes are only available at limited times!

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Main healers are for season 1 that keeps there vaule def think there should be another 3*
Costumes will add there value aswell off the top of my head areil n tarlak are the only S2 healers? Others are hotm or event but in 5* until the sheep as a 4*

And now we will have green 3* and yellow 4* in Valhalla)

They not a heal all the green one yeah? They yellow ill have to look up on

A heal-all green animal)) 250 HP Boost (like Heimdall) for all and attack +30% like Hawkmoon) Average mana.

Slow yellow - 400 HP boost like Heimdall to all and complicated attack buff, slow mana.


This is the stats of upcoming s3 healers.

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I’m glad they added Woolerton (and I got her), but yeah, yellow still badly needs a good yellow 4* healer.
Meanwhile, green gets another superstar with Brynhild.

What about upcoming yellow 4* Gullinbursti?

…and By-Ulf and Telluria and Ratatoskr…

Gullinbursti is slow though. Speed kills and … I guess it’s better than nothing, but average is what all the other healers have.

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Agree, SG continue to add 3* heroes in quests and seasons, they could have added Holy, ice and dark healers.

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