Healers needed at each * and color

Every Party needs 1 or 2 healers.
1* and 2* are feeder heroes, except during the first month or so of playing, after which the focus shifts to 3* and eventually 4* is where all players can expect to have a full roster of. It probably would be a better experience for new players if there were more 1&2* healers, and 3* is lacking.
Since 4* is the backbone of the game for long term players, there should be decent 4* healers of each color and type.
There needs to be ‘classic’ healers of each color in 3* and 4* so they are accessible to all players.

Healers (4*+) can be classified into 3 categories:
Category 1: full healers (does a heal of over 40% and some other helpful effect)
Category 2: partial healers (does a heal of 20-30% and another very helpful effect)
Category 3: conditional/HOT (only heals self and adjacent allies, or Heal Over Time ability)
There are some heroes that heal themselves with a hit of their specials, but they are not listed since they dont benefit other allies.

At each star level, there are not healers for every color

1*: the only healer is Sharan (red), which all new players use at the beginning of the game
2*: the only healer is Sha Ji (yellow), which many players skip over since everyone gets Bane and most players play a rainbow team initially.
3*: there are only 3, Belith (green), Hawkmoon (red) and Friar Tuck (green). Belith is clearly superior of the three since she heals and debuffs, FT is cat3 so most dont use him, and Hawkmoon doesnt do anything other than heal poorly.

4*: there are 6 healers.
Cat1: Melindor (green), Sabina (purple), Rigard (purple)
Cat2: Bold Tusk (red), Kiril (blue)
Cat3: Kashrek (green)

5*: only 1 classic hero, Vivica (yellow), who is a Cat1 healer. There are two other Cat1 5*'s, Kunchen (purple, hotm), Ariel (blue, Atlantis)

At the very least there needs to be a 4* yellow healer available in the classic ‘epic hero summon’.
Since melindor and sabina have identical specials, the yellow healer should have the exact same ability as Rigard (purification)…so ultimately there needs to be a yellow 4* Rigard equivilant, and probably at least one more 3* hawkmoon equivilant in yellow/purple/blue.

Gadeirus is a green Atlantis 4* that heals himself and nearby allies. So Cat3?

Mother North heals everybody and resurrects. So does Alberich, if I’m not mistaken.
Ares heals himself and nearby allies (or just himself)?

I forgot other healing 5* heroes:
Anzogh a HOTM that heals everyone.
Red Hood that creates healing minions.
Zimkitha that heals all read heroes a bit.

More healers would be awesome. Especially 3* / 4* healers.

However 3* / 4* heroes are far down the roadmap.


Nah. I like the idea that there are ONLY certain healers for each colour… Skills imo are related to the hero, and that’s why you LIKE the hero .

I prefer the limiting effect rather than free for all …
There are healers for EVERY element , just at different rarities and that is good. Same with other offensive/defensive skillset. Again , reiterating that is what makes the heroes desirable.

This is just my 2 cents .


Aeron and Delilah are missing as well

And what about the almighty Guin? However not exactly a healer but the owl can heal as well. And also there are the life/heal stealers like Victor or Morgan Le Fay

classic hero quantities
1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Blue(ice) 2 3 5 4 4
Green(nature) 2 3 6 5 4
Purple(dark) 2 3 5 4 4
Red(fire) 2 4 4 5 4
Yellow(holy) 2 3 4 4 4

So I looked at the quantities of classic heroes and there is not a balanced number of them.
I imagine they will balance this out when season 3 is released since it was pointed out in this thread that they mentioned it in the ‘ask me anything’ transcript from March. But as you can see from the chart, there is room for improvement.
Since for some reason red has an extra 2*, all other colors should get a new feeder hero.
There should be 5 of each at 3/4/5, so red/yellow need one more 3* each, blue/purple/yellow need one more 4* each, and all 5 need another 5* each (green will still have one more 3*)


I reckon every hero should have healing it’s self capabilities until the opponents all die.

Then at least I could just set the auto play on and go watch my movie.
Then I won’t need to worry about strategy or who does what.

Come SG, please make this game more multitaskable (my new word of the day) lol.


When looking at the trials, there are some combinations of classes there that have no healers at all! That makes those trials exceptionally harder.
This gives even more reason to have a 4* healer in each color AND class.

As stated in my posts above, there NEEDS to be a 4* Yellow (holy) hero with the ability ‘purification’ in the classic ‘epic hero summon’ that is class Paladin

To make the trials have at least one healer each in the classics that follow the missing colors needed in 4*, in addition to the above paladin, there needs to be a 4* Purple (Dark) Barbarian or Rogue with an ability something like this -
“Bloodthirst: The caster and nearby allies Heals 50% of damage dealt for 4 turns, and caster deals 300% damage to the target.”
@EmpiresPuzzles @Petri


I think you’d need a different name for that skill :smiley:

Speaking of 3*s it would be nice if there were more healers in that rarity. Belith and Hawkmoon are the only ones.

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Why? I don’t see an actual need for this laid out in your post.

The classic epic hero or elemental summons are always available, and they are the only place to redeem epic hero tokens. That pool of heroes is small and not there is not an equal number of heroes of each color (see chart 5 posts up from here). Of those heroes, there are not healers of every color and rarity. Every team of 5 needs at least 1 (preferably 2) healers, especially early game when going through the 1 player maps. With no variety it forces the selection of the few healers available, and of course since there is chance involved for what hero you get, most beginners us the 1* sharan. See post 1 in this thread for details on healers in the classic pool.
4 stars are the backbone of the game and it is expected that a player will use 4 stars into late game due to rarity of 5 stars, and of the 4 stars there is no yellow healer at all.
Further, heroes are broken down into classes. This limits whos available in the trials and currently some of them do not have access to ANY healers! Therefore in order for all of the trials to have at least 1 healer there needs to be a Yellow 4* Paladin healer, and a 4* purple barbarian or rogue healer

Look, I’m not trying to be pedantic, but you still don’t answer why it’s needed. I’m F2P and I’ve beaten season one with a 3/60 Kashhrek as my only healer on the fight with the Dark Lord. Others have done it with only 3* heroes and skill. Healers are not needed at each * and color, but they may be wanted. Even so, the game is called “Empires and Puzzles.” Puzzles require strategy to solve.

You took Sharan as your main healer for a while because that’s who everyone begins with. Maybe that wasn’t the right choice for the puzzle you were facing. I still have my maxed Sha Ji (still hoping for that 2* raid tournament). Yes, that means I had two yellows on my team a lot of the time, but I realized it was better than taking Aife (I’m cringing at what responses that comment is going to generate) just to have a rainbow team. Sha Ji lasted me quite a while.

Eventually I picked up Hawkmoon and Belith from the free daily summons. I didn’t get Hawkmoon until much later, because I remember the frustration of trying (and failing) to go against the fire elementals in province 20 with only a green healer. So I was stuck. I worked on other things in the game and then came back when I had Hawkmoon leveled up.

The point of limiting the overall pool of heroes is to be able to present a different challenge on each level. Look at the different modes in season 2 - you’re going to have trouble on Magic Nights if you don’t have enough firepower. You’re going to start drowning if you waste too many moves generating mana underwater. The limitations on the trials make you think about how to approach it. Sometimes you don’t have any healers. Sometimes (looking at you clerics) you have too many. You’re going to need to make use of your battle items while you fill that team out. If you can beat everything just by getting the “right” heroes and hitting auto play, then what’s the point?


I agree that it’s not a bad thing in general that not every kind of special on a certain star level is available for every colour as it requires more strategy and thinking.

However, in particular yellow really lacks healers for mid/late game F2P/C2P. There are neither 3* nor 4* healers for yellow. Yes, there is 5* Vivica and there are Delilah and Guinevere, but it’s pretty hard to get them without paying substantial amounts of money…

Also, Vivica is the only classic 5* healer. While F2P have to be very lucky to get others (and also somewhat lucky or at least extremely patient to get Vivica), P2P often have a great variety of 5* healers (HotM, Atlantis, events).

One or two 5* heroes similar to Kiril or BT and a yellow 3* and/or 4* healer, all available in the TC, wouldn’t break the game :wink:

I don’t really get this thread. As an earlier post said, what’s the reason? It seems you want symmetry for healers. But why not then all hero’s? You want a yellow healer like rigard but how about a yellow and green Grimm/gormek/tibs hero? The list is endless especially if u add color rarity families and classes.
I got Kiril, bt, rigard, Sabina, Mel and Vivica. Mel was my 1st 4 with Kiril second. I was disappointed since I wanted 5s and hitters. Yet they save me all the c time. Only recently got rigard and Sabina I got a bit ago but she is low priority given my others.
I also don’t agree about spending va lot being only way to get them. I did get all the healers from pulls except Vivica. However I also have copies of all of them but rigard and they all came from tc20. I got Vivica from tc20 which is your best friend vs pulls.
I just don’t see why you focus on healers other than the symmetry. I noticed the different hero count for s1 as well though I didn’t look at s2 to see the count as it really doesn’t matter. What’s here is here and they work.
Finally, I used sha ji for a long time until I got belith and hawkmoon. Once I got melendor they for benched and only play in tournaments and events at rare difficulty.


You also say how hard it is to get 5s yet you propose adding more which only increases the mix this decreasing your chances at getting that specific hero. Vivica works in the classic hero set along with the 4 healers and the partials like Kiril,bt. As things progressed they added more healers including 4s like gaderius and there are a huge amount of 5s that heal. Again there seems to be no reason for your want other than balance of colors/effects. If you can’t pull the 4s or 5 adding more to the epic or legendary pool will decrease your overall odds. Not like you can do a healer only pool.

I see your point on the puzzle aspect of the game, its more of a balance thing I guess as there should be equal numbers of each color in the classic roster at all star levels.

Healers are ESSENTIAL in a team and they all need 1 or 2 healers out of 5, so more variety is needed. (and variety is good as it gets boring when everyone uses the same few heroes all the time).

What should be the healing color, yellow, doesnt have at staple 4* hero, so a Rigard mirror (purification) makes sense (see sabina and melindor) and would be easy for the devs to put out.

The trials absolutely need to have at least one healer per trial type, and out of the 10 all things would be satisfied with a (yellow) Paladin healer, and a (purple) barbarian or rogue healer.

So all I am asking is for 2 more 4* healers…but adding another 3* would be a good thing as well.

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There is a huge amount of 5* healers indeed, but mostly only available for those who pay. From the training camp you can only get Vivica and it’s a 1:400 chance assuming the odds of drawing a 5* are 5 % (which I doubt)

Nobody speaks of a healer only pool, but it’s easier to get a healer if there are 2 or 3 of a total of, say, 30 heroes. Also, more different heroes in the TC means that you don’t get duplicates that often.

As for now, I have at least 3 copies of every 4* hero that can be trained. I have 5x Quintus, but no Vivica. So I would be glad to have a larger pool to draw from. Even if the chance to get Viv is smaller, the chance to get any healer would be higher (also the chance to pull a purple hero different from Quintus)

Yes but I’d argue Rigard with maxed emblems is better than plain Vivica. He’s got average mana after all.

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