Healers need limits

I have done every quest I could and struggled so much in the season stuff after a year of playing I would expect at least a full team of 4star heros. I’ve even tried to summon a few with gems but all I get is 3star with a costume or the same 3 star. I told devs about this and they said tough luck I’m the only person having an issue so not that important to fix. My alliance is growing without me and I’m just sitting here getting repeats in heros that I can’t do anything with. Once you max out 3 stars there isn’t much to do but wait for a 4star

Could just be a tactic issue. … many healers on a defense makes it weak and easier once you learn the strategy’s many are willing to help you :nerd_face:.

As far as your hero’s. If you are cheap or free to play you should be running 2 or 3 tc 20s non stop. You would have about 10-15 5 stars and al your 4* and be eating them by about near a year. … (except Sonya if your me… for some reason)

Also saving coins / gems for the right portals helps too.

Happy gaming


i remember when i first started this game, i didnt have many 4* heroes, my worst enemy was boril, i used to run away everytime i saw him on a team lol


If you haven’t got to Training Camp level 20 yet, perhaps run TC 13? It guarantees 3* with a small chance of 4*.

Do you have emblems you can put on you three stars?
Do you have training camps available to train advanced heroes?
Do you have the forge built up to pass the map and quest stages will good rewards?
Do you have limit breakers?

There are ways to improve your three stars. I also believe all of season one can be completed with three stars.

Again I wish you the best of luck as it seems you’ve been on the unlucky side.

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Wow, Sonya was my most wanted 4* back when there was only S1. I remember I got my first 5* Isa before I finally got a Sonya (from tc20). :rofl: @Tea :heart::heart:

I hope you get a Sonya costume soon. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Ty. :heart::heart::heart: I hope I get isa lol or anyone lolol thank you :blush:

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