Healers Hierarchy

It’s obvious that some Heroes are better than others, but it also highly depends on color, synergies with other heroes, and the enemies or situation in hand.

I think usefulness is a key criterion: some heroes are good in various situations - others are niche.
Therefore I think it may be useful (even if not entirely precise) to gather heroes into a hierarchy “these heroes are generally more useful than those heroes”.

I think this classification can be a useful guideline when selecting which hero to level. Clearly an important decision with the rarity of 4* and even 3* unfarmable ascension materials.

I’ll be happy to get your feedback if this classification makes sense (I’m quite certain now everyone will agree - so it worth also explaining why you think some classification is wrong)

(Routinely being edited based on feedback)

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I’m curios, why costumed Howkmoon is valued less than the original one? She heals and boosts attack of allais, while orignal Howkmoon just heals.

Got to add Grazul in there.

Top tier for me is Ariel, Alby, MN, Vivica-C, Rigard-C, Kunchen, and Heimdall

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I think the costumed version is better overall, but slightly lesser healer (at the benefit of a useful buffer).

42% HP healed immediately > 459HP over 3 turns. Healing over time can be dispelled + the hero can be killed before it fully applied.

It is true that it also has benefits (for many 3* heroes - the HOT will be more HP overall + it is more useful where heroes are only partially wounded - and immediate heal would overheal).

It’s really not so conclusive.

I will appreciate feedback from other players on this.

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Just suggestion, in forum community we call it Dispeller not debuffer, Debuffer means like scarlett -att debuff, grimm -def debuff etc.

Vivica is also a cleanser, and Vivica C is a dispeller.

Frida, Seshat and Evelyn is also a dispeller on 3-opponent just like Panther.
Aeron also cleanse by nearbly.

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Of cour[quote=“jinbatsu, post:6, topic:161833, full:true”]
Just suggestion, in forum community we call it Dispeller not debuffer, Debuffer means like scarlett -att debuff, grimm -def debuff etc.

Of course. My bad! will be corrected.


poor sha ji…
20 sha jis

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At the first couple of weeks - he was my lifesaver.

Since then, I happily consume him in 10s :wink:

But why would Guin be higher than LOTL for example? Guin only heals 3 heroes, and over time.

My feedback on that would be that ranking them overall makes more sense than ranking healing ability.

You can tell who applies the most healing just by looking at the card, so no point in ranking that.

just in terms of healing, why is telluria so high? And melendor should be higher than aeron.

Thanks! … 20


in a sense, aeron is a dispeller too because he removes debuffs and gives immunity.

aeron does not dispell opponent, he cleanse allies nearbly.

I should clarify that better… I tried to classify heroes by their ability to heal, without other abilities - but durability is a strong attribute of a healer - where Aaron is noticeably more durable than melendor.

If I need healing to my raid team and color doesnt matter - I will probably will not clearly prefer Melendor over Aeron.


Quite a few missing here from each category:

  1. Healer - Ares, c.Rigard, Tarlak, Gazelle
  2. Cleanser - Kunchen, Aeron, Lady Locke, Gazelle (pseudo-cleanser since she removes all other abilities)
  3. Dispeller- Chameleon, Slow White

Hawkmoon only heals 32%. As most 3* heroes are in the 600-1000 HP range (1k only with emblems) , that’s about 200-300 HP (+ troop heal bonus).

459 heal over time is massive for a 3* hero. I suppose that Hawkmoon, with or without costume, is mostly used together with other 3* heroes in raid tournaments and monthly events. But even most 4* heroes would get more HP from her HoT than from her direct 32% healing.

While it’s true that HoT can be dispelled, it also has the advantage to ‘protect’ heroes with high health for three turns where direct heal has little or no effect.

You are right. I’ll correct.

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10x … 20

Still missing:

Ratatoskr Brynhild By-Ulf

Zimkitty Locke

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