Healer question

I have a nice variety of 4* healers. Still working on leveling Rigard and Kiril. Got BT and Melandor at 3 ascension level 9 and 16 respectively.

BT is a beast but is Melandor better than the other 2 I have?

I was contemplating changing up my main team.

Now it is Boril, Melandor, Nat, Tiburtus, Joon

When leveled and unless I get something better I was thinking about making it:

Kiril, Caedmon, BT/Nat, Tiburtus, Joon.

I do not have any more options for blue at this point (Karil is my other currently)

Is this a good way to go once I get some of my newer heros leveled/ascended?

Rigard is unique in that he has the ability to cleanse/remove debuffs, so in terms of “who is the best healer” of those you have the answer is Rigard hands down.

Kiril and Boldtusk are good buffers and okay healers. Melendor has a good heal, high damage and remove enemy buffs. Your Caedmon already handles debuffing.

Eventually, you will be happy you have them all. In your situation and if you’re after a rainbow lineup with the ones you have, I’d do what you suggest yourself. But pimp Rigard and Boldtusk as well :slight_smile:. You won’t regret it.


Thanks. I am relatively new so haven’t thought much other than rainbow teams. Guess it depends on situations.

Gotta play around a see what works. Losing isn’t the end of the world. More of a learning experience.

Thanks again!

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It’s very situational, and for events, alliance wars and raiding you will eventually want to have several options. :slight_smile:

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As a young player you should be looking ahead to wars and raiding and all those fun things, but start with the basics. Walking before running means learning your heroes.

It looked from your description that you have Boril on a flank: special skill perfect riposte is a counter-attack Boril and the heroes on each side of him gain when you click the special. That flank position, then, gives up use of about a third of that riposte.

And Boldtusk is great, but look at Kiril and you see where you might switch the two when red is the weak color.

That said, understanding weak vs strong colors is a must.

Good luck. You have a great beginning roster.


Thanks. Boril isn’t on the flank. He is second in covering melandor and Nat on main team. Center position covering Joon and BT on defensive team.

The riptose is fun depending on the situation. Its always fun seeing your enemy blast theirself on a riptose. Granted my guy may die too. But it normally spits back a bunch of damage as well. Another situational special which when I have more options will be able to utilize better.

Here is my roster. I have 5 teams filled out. These are all the keepers. Leveling slowly but surely.

The nice thing about the game is that there is no time limit. Everyone evolves on their own and grows.

You had Boril on a flank initially in your list:

That might have been the confusion. :slight_smile:

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Yeah it was just the way I wrote it. My mistake.

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