Healer for Titan battles?


Had a random thought. I always make sure to have a healer on my team (2 on my defense team), but I was just wondering if forgoing the healer for more damage would be a better tactic for Titan battles? I could pop potions as necessary, but I know the healer helps all heroes w/ sustainability. Whereas another damage dealer would help get that damage total higher.

Thoughts??? Anyone done this??? Did it bump up your damage total or just leave your heroes vulnerable?

Thank you for your input.


Which healer? I’d definitely bring boldtusk since he also buffs damage. About other healers: I would probably try without but it would depend on what I was trying to do. You have a higher potential damage without the healer as long as you can survive without using too many item. At some point using items to survive will slow you down since you need time to use the items and they will also take the spot you could otherwise use for offensive items.

I find I have trouble sustaining a team on items in every game. I use a team that has lower damage potential but do ok without items for the “bread and butter” titan attacks and then when we meet an unusual strong one I bring out the high damage team and support it with items.


I have Rigard, who heals and debuffs and Viv who heals, debuffs and increases defense.

Without a healer, I’d use healing and the green potions (I can’t remember their name. LOL), as well as arrows.