HeadsOFF is recruiting! (5-6* Titans)

HeadsOFF is recruiting.

Grab your weapon of choice and join HeadsOFF!!! There is a titan that needs the gentle calming that only comes with death. And we need your help to slay it!!!

Us: We are a very active alliance that like to have fun and collect titan heads. We currently demolish 4/5* titans, but struggle with 6*s. Thus we’ve decided to seek veteran players that are laid back and can roll with the punches. No drama zone!!! LOL

You: Please have a minimum of 1800 team strength and 600 trophies. (All current members meet or exceed these requirements.). We mix it up w/ playful, spirited banter. Come as you are, show your personality, enjoy yourself, and be welcomed as you are. Come, stand shoulder to shoulder with your peers and revel in the spoils of victory.

Shoot me a message or drop on into the Alliance and chat us up. Thx.

Bump. Plus 20 characters. LOL

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We are on the fast track to join the top 100 alliances. Get your spot soon!!!

Only 2 spots left… claim yours before it’s gone.

We’ve downed two 6* titans and we are working on our 3rd. Come get a piece of this beast.

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We are currently full.

Hi Snow, I’m looking to switch(upgrade) my alliance. I recently started playing but am a very active player and am leveling up very quickly. My team power:1980 current trophies:772 I know your alliance is full at the moment but pls message me if a spot opens


Our next opening is yours if you still want it.

@LUEHSID We now have an opening.

Full again. Sorry @LUEHSID. Do you have Line? Might be easier to let you know a slots open that way.

We currently have 2 openings. About ten 6* titans slated. 7s have gotten away. Are you the one to push us over the edge against those 7 beasts???