HEADS UP .. Shiloh Desert quest up with an orb and dart


Quest just appeared this morning. Just thought you’d like to know :slight_smile:


Done and done…Timing couldn’t have been better…Now, does anyone have a Damascus blade they don’t need so I can finally ascend Joon to his max… Yeees !!!


Thanls for the heads up @JoeStraz! Now if only I could repeat it for one more Orb!! Lol :joy:


Assuming I can complete it (I have my team to 2821 power), it’ll be my first orb and first darts. During the last quest, I wasn’t able to complete the last level as I got killed on the final wave. I’m hoping my team is strong enough this time.


Got killed on the last wave? Or on the bosses?

If it was on the bosses just bring bombs and axes, charge up your heros on the last wave, hit the bosses with all bombs, fire off your hero specials and take the bosses out one at a time


Got killed on the bosses. I’ll ensure I have a full complement of bombs and axes this time around. Thanks.


I second the bombs and axes, it’s what got me through the bosses on the last stage at just below 2900 power. Good luck!


Take mana potions if you have healers, of healing potions if you dont.

Dont forget to use the last round before the bosses to fill up mana for all heroes (for example, last stage has 5 rounds; you take the 4th round and before killing the last monster, keep throwing tiles on the air to fill up everyone. If your life isnt full, use healer’s special and fill it again!)
Only then kill the monster and go face the bosses. Use all specials (except healers cause you are already full) and the ones that strike single enemy, aim for the same target everytime. Kill one by one… dont be afraid to get hit, or else you will use healers special because of one hero and waste it.
Be aware of boss special effect… usually yellow bosses make you blind, dont waste your attack specials under this effect


Consider doubling up on Purple hero and dropping your yellow.


I have Wu Kong, so I can’t see dropping him. I have the following heros: 3-52 Sabina, 3-31 Wu Kong, 3-29 Sonya, 3-33 Caedmon, 2-39 Natalya.

So 2 buff slots are axes and bombs. What are the other 2? Healing potion(I have 10-225 and 5-500 HP available), small antidotes, mana potiions? I do have 4 dragon attacks available as well.


Yay! Was so excited to see Shiloh Desert this morning! I just needed a dart to fully level Joon! I was hoping to have him finished before the event and now I can!


Forget about antidotes… you will already attack at risk because of WuKong, just remember to save the specials and kick**s with tiles until effect goes away, then use attack specials and charge wukong immediately after…
I would take mana and healing potions… dont need the 500 one… use medium as you can take 10. But remember to not use before boss and Always aim for the purple tiles… will get more damage and also fill up Sabina to heal everyone.
I really think you will be ok, dont get nervous and think well before choosing the tiles, use healing potions only if some hero is about to die (dont let anyone dies but dont waste before on fear) and use mana potions to fill sabina and wukong at boss round

Edit: forgot to tell about revive scrolls… if you manage well, 5 axes are enough on boss fight, so you dont need to use 2 slots with them and bombs… if you have revive scrolls take them


Thanks for all of the advice. I did beat it, but it took all of my buffs. I appreciate the help. Now, I have to save up for the recruits II quest :slight_smile:


I just want to eat some crow and confess to a dummy mistake on my part. I even read this thread before completing the last stage and a great piece of advice was don’t let anyone die. So I’m on my lunch break and playing the last stage and the first round, I’m not paying attention, and let Skittleskull die. The team still pulled it out but I had to wonder for the next 4 rounds, “did I just throw away 20 energy because I was half paying attention”, to a powerbar at that. Shame on me. Ha, ha!