Hawthorn's reflection of ailments

Hawthorn’s buff that reflects ailments don’t work against 5th season passives.
I think that it’s a bug, because:

  1. There is no limitation “only from special skills” in description of Hawthorn;
  2. Usual shields from status ailments (like Garnet, Fairz, Rumpel (c)) work against Egypt passives.
    @Petri, @PlayForFun

i don’t think it’s a bug because Hawthorne’s ailment prevention applies to Special Skills, not Passives. I could be wrong though.

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Shouldn’t be so. At least not from what the card says. The card says nothing about the ailment’s origin. Ailments are ailments, from skills, pasives, or any other source. Should all be reflected.


That ailment block should be comprehensive.

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Out of interest can you check how it works Vs the low health S3 passives? I’d imagine the same as it is here, but just in case

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I have asked Staff to check it.

Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here.


hawthorn s5 reflects passive annoyances. I’ve had a few tries with this and it reflects passive annoyances.

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