Hawkmoon WILL not unequip

I have screenshots before and after. Like I said before. I hit the unequip button and when I leave and go back to my hero roster Hawkmoon still has the new costume on this means I can not use my original Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon is not assigned to any teams. I’d upload a video but it won’t let me.


Just confirming that you hit the “equip” button after toggling costumes with the arrows

When you hit that button it will change from saying “equip” and being a blue bottom to saying “equipped” and being a yellow box/button thing.


Some pics:


First of all, the video should be uploaded on Youtube, then you may paste the link in here. Second, I guess you don’t understand how it works the button. Hit the equip button in your screenshot. The button should be highlighted for the original hero.

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Ugh. I do understand. I have hit the unequip button at least 10 times it remains on Hawkmoon. I showed a screen shot where I unequipped her the the screenshot of my heroes after unequiping her. It will not go away

Thanks for trying to help. But I have already tried using the toggle button. But she is still in her new costume.

If you’re able to upload a video to YouTube then we can help more

Otherwise it seems to be a localised bug as I took those screenshots I posted above after you posted your original thread.

I can confirm that it 100% works for me with my Rigard, hawkmoon, Brianne, Gunnar and bane costimes

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Please don’t take this as something intending to offend you, but there is no “unequip” button. There are arrows to toggle between costumes, and there is an EQUIP button that shows up if the currently displayed costume is not the active one.

I modified your screenshot below:

The arrows do nothing to affect your equipped costume. The arrows just let you toggle back and forth to view stats and level up either version of the hero. You must hit the blue EQUIP button and then possibly accept the warning message in order for Hawkmoon to actually change into or out of her costume.

I hope that this helps, but if not, as others have said, a video would do wonders to demonstrate the problem you’re experiencing.

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Thanks all I’ll have to put in a support ticket. The costume stays on no matter what I do. I have hit the toggle button to remove the costume several times. But when I close it out the costume is still on

Ok GL with it then :slight_smile:

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