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Does Hawkmoon’s special stack if you use more than one on a team? I am into 4/5* heroes, but have a couple leveled and another in the basement for special rare events. Thanks

Hawkmoon’s special is a heal for a certain percentage.

… it happens once then is done.

…it’s not possible to stack one-time, instantaneous effects.

Perhaps you’re speaking of a different hero?


I talking about combined heal stack. With using Hawkmoon and let’s say Boldtusk versus using 2 Hawkmoon’s. Just an example.

Hawkmoon 1 would heal 32% of your team’s health and Hawkmoon 2 would heal 32% of your team’s health…

Not sure i truly understand your question though… :face_with_monocle:


I think I get the question and no, if you stack Bolddtusk and Hawkmoon, or 2 Hawkmoon they will still heal the same ammount. Each healer will still cure 27% of life only, not 54% each.

Let say your team took a beating, they are down to 20%, if you use #1 get x% of healing, then use #2 you should get ×% healing again, right?
Hope so, otherwise why bring 2 healers to the fight.
Have fun.

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Yes, that’s how it works I edited my previous comment to make it more clear :+1:

Sometimes bringing 2 healers to a fight is a necessity. I have to bring Kunchen and Rigard if I want to finish Atlantis in hard mode for example.

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Good luck at Atlantis. Imjust getting there, prov 7, on normal, please.
Tried 1/1 on hard, not happening, got to the boss, that was it. Not quite ready yet.lol.
Have fun.
Wolf9 :sunglasses:

You probably need a team of maxed 4* heroes to start playing hard mode.

Btw thanks and good luck to you too :+1:

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All helpful answers. Thank you! It is just a matter of how many Hawkmoon’s I want to keep and continue leveling.

Thanks. It is a logistics things at this point as I move on in the game.

I guess that is the answer I was looking for. Was pretty sure I has it figured out. Thank you for your feedback

@SirGorash: Yes. I have pretty much figured it out. I am looking at the 3* healers for rare special events mostly and in a pinch for war offense if needed. Hawkmoon is not invited to the Hard Atlantis Party: Mel and BT helped me through the first. Waiting to finish hard level until AR returns

One Hawkmoon will be enough. Better try for other healers, eg Belith, who also dispels buffs from the enemies.

It’s always better to have a variety of heroes than several twins. There are only a few heroes in the whole game worth having more than one or two.

Healers are mostly worth 2 of each, but not Hawk, since she only heals.

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Thanks @Olmor: I do have 2 of many of my 3* healers. Yes. Belith too. Most of my 3* in general are maxed and talented. That was because I upgraded what I got and for a long time that did not include 4-5*. My focus mostly now can be those higher level heroes, but I have my stable of useful 3* as well

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