"Havocs Asylum" looking for 6 warriors. 9-10* titans

  • Members: 24/30
  • Trophy requirement: 1000
  • Language: English
  • Titans: 9*

We are very friendly and active casual core group of long time players. Range of players levels are from 27 - 57. But who is counting that anyway. From veterans to newish players, people from all over the world, we offer guidance, knowledge and fun fighting through wars and killing titans. Sticking together and helping each other in any way is our main priority. Just be yourself and enjoy the game. No pressure.

Currently killing 9* titans but we can go higher.

Rules are most obvious. Attack titans and if you participate in war use all flags. Like in every alliance. No need to explain much about that. And we are proud of using all war flags on battlefield.

We use Line for outside chatting, further coordination and fun stuff.

So, if you’re looking to get the best from the game yet still have fun (that’s all about) then we are looking forward to see you all.

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