Having a bad day? Game getting you down? This will cheer you up

Well it could be worse!

Let’s take my good friend Julius for example


Just look at him. Rakish good looks, great hair and colour coordination that belongs on a catwalk.

Everyday when he gets chosen to help out a realm he must walk out of his summon portal and go “Ahh, a fresh world for me to conquer” and then with all the village maidens watching he flicks his hair as they swoon.

As the Lord he approaches he mentally prepares himself for whatever heroic task he’s about to be asked to do.

“M’Lord, I’ve travelled far to aid you quest! Pray tell me what you wish me to do and I will do so!”

“Ahh Julius my lad, not a moment too soon. See that lady down there? Yes the one with bow and the purple arrows who looks like death itself wasn’t brave enough to take her. Do you see her?”

“My gods M’Lord, she looks frightening!”

“Yes, yes. Scary. Now, go and fight her to the death. She needs a soul and all that”

“Yes Sir! Wait a minute? To the Death did you just saAAAASRRRGGGGHHHHH”


How’d you guys meet?

He does have those Jared Leto good looks and feminine eyes that the ladies love. Just a shame he lost his left ear in that freak gasoline fight accident.


We both share a love of a grey/purple/brown palette and share the same tailor now.

Well, we did. Now I just recycle his clothes after he’s been killed in training. Again.


Aha, a challenge for me! Next time I see a team with Seshat on, I’m putting my +5 Julius (who I’ve had since the beginning) and seeing if we can beat her :smirk_cat:

Has Julius really lost an ear? :worried: If I remember correctly, I headcanoned with another player that he had elven heritage (maybe because of his white hair) and he kept his ears hidden.

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The art made me think of Mulan and it’s actually Julia who’s slipped off to war :joy:

But then I thought, nah. It’s just one day he lost his place in the boy band he was lead singer of and decided to become a soldier of fortune instead

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I’m pretty sure he’s a Kakashi cosplayer.


Fed up with people stealing your neckerchief?

Worried that you might laugh your head off?

Want to hide that bulbous Adam’s apple??

Fear not!

At Jonah’s Leather Strap and Buckle emporium, we’re a ‘head’ of the game!

We’ve got all kinds of heavy duty straps and buckles designed to fit uncomfortably around your throat, for all your needs!?

#Costume Malfunction



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Nothings says “I’m prepared for anything” like a leather buckle scarf

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And I just noticed, he has some pretty nice arms!

Certainly buffer than that noodly-armed Valen!

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Reminds me of every time I pull this guy from a training camp.






Laughing so hard… :laughing:

GREAT thread!


I have always been a little creeped out that Hou was actually Wu’s father. I keep feeding him to my Wu anyway.


Man…this thread went down a dark path…


Oops… sorry about that. :slightly_frowning_face: I take people’s health and sanity issues quite seriously, but I also tend to rely on humor and “putting things into perspective in the grand scheme of things” in order to protect my own sanity… which occasionally means dabbling in dark humor…

In retrospect, I probably should have blurred that post with a warning disclaimer beforehand.

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Too funny!!! (picturing Hou’s gruffy’s voice as he’s speaking to Leo) :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Speaking of which, “Leo” the… lion? Pun intended?!

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Ahh! Please don’t see my response as complaint.

It’s a British humour thing you say…sounds better if a Python was saying it…maybe Palin or Chapman.


Nah, I’m familiar with the “went down a dark path” joke… :grin:

I just sometimes find the cruelty of life, nature, and the universe to be somewhat funny in a twisted way. Like when I joke about the circle of life itself - you’re born into this world short, bald, wrinkly, incontinent and babbling incoherently… then you grow up, go through life, and eventually return to a state of being short, bald, wrinkly, incontinent and babbling incoherently again. :grin: