Have you got any card you think that need to be review and reconsider?


I received a 5* card recently but i wasn’t sure whether to be happy about it or not. Comparing my recent 5* card with Zeline or the other card ,she is a very poor card. It also made me think there might be other player who’s not happy or wants devs to reconsider. Below is the card I am on about.


I have her and even almost maxed.
Not outstanding, but she can be really useful for attack/defence raiding.

If you are thinking to have some kind of powerfull card like Alberich or Zeline … No sadly she is not.

But i like her more then Elkanen and Horghall.


Thanks mate. I was just thinking if she is worth spending my rare ascension on? Or should I wait for another. So far, I haven’t come across any player who have used her or perhaps I never took notice.


I’ve seen a bunch of Kadilens in defense teams. her shield is annoying. She a fine but not top tier 5*.


I agree. She should be 4* (then don’t mind using sturdy shield on her)


i have her too and find her SF in raids very useful but she needs to be lvl :laughing:


I have already said it but I repeat it, lancelot seems to me useless, at least in my team. I have Kiril and if I just hit with Lancelot and I have his buff and I activate kiril’s ability because I have to heal I lose Lancelot’s buff, Kiril’s is overwritten and in the end what I have is a single enemy manaler average, I mean a crap hahaha


No, you loose the extra attack bonus component of Lancelots buff if you activate Lancelot first. You still have the mana generation part.

So you get +attack and +armor on all.
And you get +mana on 3 targets (if you place him correctly)

Just take care to activate Kiril first.Then Lancelot


Use both (Kadilen and Zeline).

Their synergy is amazing on raid attack and I suspect defense too.


Two fast greens, with team wide special protection and attack debuff? Are you trying to say its good to be invincible in raids @Revelate? :slight_smile:


Was winning raids against top 10 opponents on the alt with that strategy. I had a 4/50 Joon hit for 355 and a 4/49 Lianna hit for 330 ish with both up.

I’d made an offhand reference of Zeline making the opponent play tiddlywinks with you as far as their damage goes, Zeline + Kadilen = paddycake?

Alt isn’t that strong typically, 2 x 80 and 3 x 70’s in that attack team.


Toth amun? …puag. This buff is not effective


the regenaricion of mana is not noticed at all, it would be noticed much more with a troop. and to activate Kiril first, hopefully you can always choose, because then probably the fight is very in your favor but usually does not happen hahaha, I only have Lancelot and Kelile 4 * red and today I would ascend to Kelile without thinking


Would strongly suggest you think more on that then :slight_smile:

Attack buff + mana generation = better than Kelile everywhere except downlevel AW attack teams.


I insist, mana regeneration is not noticeable at all, maybe there is only one gem of difference, and as I put the attack buff in my case with Kiril many times I lose it, because many times I can not choose and activate Kiril first, what they should do if they do not want to add the 2 buff would at least leave the strongest but not … it’s only worth the last act. Right now I am leveling Wu so with more reason Lancelot stops me from being useful, another thing is that it is very very soft, kelile has much more shield. If someday I rain climbing materials and upload it but today remains in 3/60


I’m not quite sure what you are insisting on.

  • The generation is noticable. Period.

  • Kiril and Lancelot combined gives Kirils defence, Lancelots mana and the attack bonus of latest applied hero special. Period.

If you find him useful or not is up to your playing style and your specific hero composition.

Personally I would level him before Keilile any day of the week.


Kadilen, Elkanen, Leonidas, Quintus, Thorne, Thoth, Owl

In all my experience in this game very rare I had problems against those mentioned above.

I don’t see many players ascending those above over
Lianna, Joon, Sartana, Magni, Isarnia, Vivica.

Look through the top 100 and tell me how many heroes from the first row you see compared to the second one mentioned. :slight_smile:


It’s probably a coincidence but I see more Leo’s as of late since he was buffed a bit.


Just saying: The Top 100 shows players’ defensive teams only. I wish we could see their offensive team line-up too!


Their offensive line-up is going to be “all the rest of their heroes” potentially. How would that work?