Have you ever used training camp acceleration?

Is there anyone crazy enough to use 900 jems to produce one champion in the LV20 training camp
You’ll also pay 300k food and 100 recruits too
I think that the number of jems is very much exaggerated … It should be up to 200 only to accelerate the champion and shorten two days… 200 Because with 300 I can pull an epic hero from the calling gate and get a wider formation of heroes in addition to the possibility of getting HTOM

No, no one is that crazy. Lol


Never. It makes no sense. Now it asks me more than 8k gems to accelerate one day one TC20…
One instant summon is 300 gems…
What are they thinking about???


Exactly this is what they are thinking about. Noone to accelerate. And totally make sense to me :slight_smile:

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I used acceleration when I was new and the gem costs were relatively low. At the time I didn’t know how hard it was to accumulate gems in-game, because early on the game hands them to you like candy (train 5 heroes, here’s 5 gems… build a farm, here’s 5 gems… etc.).

Knowing what I know now, I would never use gems for anything other than summons, AMs, increasing storage capacities, possibly avatar related stuff, basically only things that can benefit me permanently. I’m not going to waste a month’s worth of gems just to save a few hours of wait time, that’s ridiculous.


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