Have you ever seen this?

Not a single tile of my color??image

I see that very frequently.


Every time I take a stack the board feels this way.


This has been the same thing that’s happened to me on my Purple Titan today, I stack yellow and can’t seem to find a yellow tile anywhere…freakin horrible

At least that board left you with a nice cascade to start things off.

Unfortunate start but At least it will clear out quickly.

You will set off their healer but joke is on them. He is already full health!


Why would you use a mono color team in raid ? Thats right you have falcon and wilbur but, thats not optimal strategy, the best is to stack 2 or 3 of the same color and have 2/3 others colors for backup.


It happens about once in every 2,500 boards. I’ve never personally had one happen, but a few people have linked examples in my “Color Stacking: The Odds” thread. They’re kinda cool IMO. Of course, not so helpful when you’re trying to fill a chest or go for top 100…

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I think OP was looking for a little sympathy for crummy boards rather than raiding advice per se. SWEG has been pretty active in discussing the strengths and weaknesses of different stacking options in other threads, so I’d assume there was some logic behind the choice based on the strength of the other team.


Why are you stacking 5 reds to kill melendor? With notice of Alise and Isrenia in your opponent team!


I think he watched youtube 7dd which recently played monochrome :grin::grin:
@Jgmc2 @Jedon

Just kidding @SWEG dont angry :v::grin:

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Nice new avatar xD Ichigo :wink:
But yah he might be watching those xD

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So you didn’t get any of your color starting out. Did you win or lose the raid. That’s all that ever matters.

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Thanx brother :kissing_closed_eyes:
monochrome is cool as long as our boards support but monochrome also has a big risk of losing if we are unlucky

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I just like mono red lmao raids are over within 30 seconds win or lose. No it’s not an optimal team against this defense but I didn’t care enough to change my raid team around.

Never ever have seen zero. One yes, but never zero. As per the situation on the board, it wasn’t totally lost. You could sent as many tiles to a tank healer and hope something new will come. It is much worse when you see Yunan in a tank position with no strong color tiles around.

You didn’t sacrifice enough to the board gods. I normally get this in wars. An easy team I should wipe out. Then get a board like that. Lol

I use monochrome in raids all the time and rarely lose. Usually over pretty fast. I took out someone today in the top 20 and it was over in 10 seconds.

Can we talk about stage 9 of pirate event?

Monochrome blue team… All green mobs.
Ok then, monochrome red? All red mobs, blue diamond.
4 times in a row.



Just kill the mobs with items

Talking about the first wave.

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