Have you ever dreamt about pulling the hero you wanted?



Don’t get me wrong, but definitely red!


Last dream i had… I pulled 2 5* troops… I’m 3 pulls… Red was redundant… Holy want ideal but i could level it… Then i woke up… Crestfallen.

The time before that i pulled 2 5* portal heroes… And then realized i accidentally fed one away… I got to keep the one i wanted, but i was kicking myself for feeding away the second…

Woke up… I was upset because it didn’t happen but also because i fed away the non existent 5*…

That’s a Groundhog Day type nightmare right there


Well, I have sometimes dreams about this game.
Once I dreamed that I pulled 5* red cleric troop(perfect for me), but then woke up…
Terrible feeling :pensive:
Or once I dreamed that I did 2 goblin village free puls, and got 2 5* goblins from it.
I was very happy then.
Until I got woken up by my alarm…
And in few seconds I realized, that it was only freakin’ dream, and after B&F, Deadboot, Darkfeather and Fizzcoli this portal wouldn’t give me anything more :rofl:
And also once(during @Pike 's absence) I had dream about forum, which I posted in the counting thread.

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Bet I was your worst nightmare ever! :rofl:


Now I’m envious. I want to dream about this game too

Instead, I dream about WORK!

And high school, even though that was a long time ago

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College for me… but it has been a long time…

You just find out you were signed up for a class and you haven’t attended all semester… the final is in an hour…

I remember pulling darkfeather, pepperflame and this very huge knight with armour similar to Franz’s but meaner and the armour was all pink even the battle hammer he was using. I wonder which event he was from since I couldn’t see his name or what his special skills does. Didn’t like the whole pink theme but the art was cool

Interesting descriptions, anyone have any idea who this hero is?

He doesn’t exist. The dream made him up