Have they changed something? Special lvl up

Been playing just over 2 months, since last update I’ve noticed my hero’s specials are really struggling to get to lvl 8. I know 3* hero’s can be a bit annoying even when feeding the standard 10 same colour 1*. Recently though my 4* are just not lvling up special skills! I always lvl 5 hero’s of different elements at the same time. So every hero gets fed its own colour. Before the update a 4* would get to lvl 8 special easily before 3/60. Now I’m getting to 3/40 and they are only lvl 4 special! Anyone else seeing similar?

That happened to a Boldtusk I was levelling about 6 months ago, so it’s not a new thing. He got to 3/60 with level 5 special.

Yeah, that happened from time to time. You can say, some heroes are stubborn, some are not and some are the most stubborn of them all!

Unfortunately, they won’t level up sometimes. 2 examples from different sides of spectrum: Kiril@3/70, special@4/8, Isarnia@2/1, special 8/8.

Maybe I’ve just been extremely fortunate then, because I’ve never failed to get a 4* to special lvl 8/8 by 3/60. I thought this was the norm in the game! It is so costly to lvl up a hero and to find that even 4* hero’s can fail to achieve the max special is extremely disappointing

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I think it is the norm if you level correctly. When I level, I feed minimum 6 x 2* and 4 x 1* of the same colour each time. That’s a 28% chance each time. Often I feed more 2s. Usually my 4s hit their maxed special between 3/1 and 3/30.

3* heroes on the other hand… they’re a pain in the ■■■. It’s killing me at the moment feeding 10 x 2* Red heroes to my second Nashgar for 40% chance. Twice in a row it failed… 20 wasted 2*s. He is sitting stubbornly on 6/8.

In saying all this, I have noticed it has been taking longer recently to max the specials. I don’t think anything has changed though. I think it is still down to chance.

Just to clarify, has anyone taken a 4* to 4/70 and not have it hit special 8/8? Another reason I ask is because a friend ascended a scarlet earlier and she went from special 1/8 to lvl 4/8. Was this a glitch or have they now made it possible to get multiple special ups at one go?

Yup, currently happening with all of the heroes I’m working on now- but this always tends to happen to me once a month or so. It’s completely normal, just super sucky if you plan on leaving your heroes at the mat wall for awhile

Current camp of Season 2 3s is experiencing this, Namahage is almost close to full on XP, but stuck at 7/8, about 10 levels to go. What’s really bothersome is Melia stuck at 3/8 and still has some levels to go before reaching 50. Since you can’t really train Atlantis heroes, chances at duplicates for guaranteed special up only happen once a month. It makes getting to 8/8 potentially harder and much longer, especially for F2P or C2P on these S2 3s.

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