Have the epic hero/troop tokens gone missing?

I’m curious if this is just a really bad streak that I’m on or if it’s a more prevalent issue, but it’s been more than a month and a half since I’ve received anything other than a silver token.

I spent all of the ones I had saved up (about 6-7 at the time) at the beginning of September in an attempt to get Khiona. Since then, I’ve yet to see a single one outside of special offers.

Back when I was tracking ascension materials and tokens, I’d say I averaged about 2-3 of each per month, and I’d supplement that with some special offers to boost it to about 4-5.

Going from getting one every 10 days or so to now not seeing one in 40+ is starting to seem a bit odd. I haven’t slowed down the amount of chests I open, so I don’t quite understand the dramatic drop off.

Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?


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