Have the developers started fighting with one-color teams?

The last four times I used mono, I won three times.

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mono is lazymans game.

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In this case, “uniform random” refers to a uniform multinomial distribution . “Uniform” here indicates that the probability of occurrence of each kind of tile is equal. It does not mean that any particular realized board will have an equal number of tiles of each color.

Indeed, as you say, an equal number of tiles of each color is quite improbable, even though it is the single most probable outcome of drawing a board.

If you’re interested in seeing how often bad bad boards for a strong tile color will happen, I have a thread on the subject here:


You have very well chosen a weak opponent and earned 25 cups on it! But do not forget that the opponent will take revenge, and in the end you can lose much more cups than earned!
But here’s another question: how to choose and how to beat rivals in wars of alliances, when they have 24 people, 18 have the power of defense 4000+, and most of them have some strong character in the center, for example, Gravedigger, who gains mana every 2 move?
Developers have recently created such characters against which it is impossible to fight against other than mono-color in other ways! For example, Gravedigger, Kageburado, Kunhen, Onatel, Aegir, Queen of Hearts, etc. If you play against them according to the 3 + 2 scheme, then this is a deliberate loss: the gravedigger and Kageburado will beat your heroes every 2 turns, and after 6 moves your whole team will be dead, and Kunhen and Aegir will only do something to constantly restore health! Therefore, the main task in such cases is to knock out the central heroes as quickly as possible! And how can this be done? Only mono color!

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My team 3580, opponent 4070.
That he did not have many cups wasn’t my fault :wink:


You better tell me how many cups you lost when your opponent got your revenge? 40? 50? Or more?

Why would it matter how many cups you will loose on revenge? You will get them back with next raid!

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Omg i should have gone mono…


We are now looking at not the number of cups, but the game of mono-color as a whole! And this is not only raids, but also wars of alliances, in which we recently have opponents 1.5-2 times stronger than us, therefore all players of our alliance must somehow get out.
Now, while the monocolor game has stabilized, there are both losses and winnings, but at that time, when I created this theme, playing with monocolors for several days in a row brought only 80% of the losses, including raids and wars of alliances.

You’d better show the video how you defeat an opponent using the 3 + 2 scheme, which has Kunghen, Gravedian, Kageburado, Aegir or Queen of Hearts in the center.

I always go 3-2 and have beaten all of them multiple times.

Proteus, Cyprian, Aeron against holy,

Danza, Inari, Joon against dark,

Athena, Misandra, Frida against fire

and Evelyn, Melendor, Little John against ice.

(stacked against the tank)

The other two will be stacked against a healer or deadly threat.


I wonder how you use these heroes in the 3 + 2 scheme in wars of alliances, when the enemy has all central heroes of the same color? Or do you have each hero for 6 pieces?

In the above scenario I’d use a 3 - 2 combo in the first round. For the second round I’m generally down to using mono. Usually I have a full mono yellow team available.

If an other team mate is online I would either see if they can clear the tank, or if it’s just me, my last flag and it’s important to kill that opponent, then I’d take a chance that my mono yellow team could take out the tank and the 2 purple flanks.

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Sometimes I become weak on a color during a war, but I have at least 10 competitive heroes per color.

I love yellow tanks.

Blue tanks are also easy to deal with.

For red, purple and green tanks I have to change my strategy during the 2nd half of the war.



I use 3-2 for all 6 attacks. Instead of 3 of the strong color, I bring 2 of the strong color + 3 strong against one of the flanks. This only requires 12 maxed heroes of each color which is easy to achieve with a mix of 4 and 5 stars.


I also use this strategy if I’m more scared of the flank than the tank. If it’s a tank like Boril or Kashrek I often ignore it altogether and stack against the flanks, hoping those tanks will disappear in the reflected damage. It usually works for me.


I run 5 of 1 color usually against tank. I ALWAYS choose the 1, 2 and 3 BEST available teams of the opponents in wars. I win WAY MORE than 8 of 10, bad boards will get me sometimes. I will say it has looked as if something is off after last update, board take more time to get going more often than before. Could be just luck could be coded I do NOT know. But IF IF IF IF they did code it in I am sure they would NOT tell us. So therefore it is what it is and not a thing we can do about it. So FIGHT ON my E&P friends.

Omg. I’m sure there are other people besides myself, but my sense of order/completion could never handle so many partially leveled heroes. I almost had a panic attack just looking at it, and I dont dare scroll back up to reassess :scream:


How do you handle it?


Since the last thread was closed, I’ll give my response here:

You can pick another war opponent.
If all of the opponents use blue tank, than at least don’t pick the one with healer tank+flank, especially with healing aid.

Using mono team which color do not strong against tank/flank (both healer) in war with healing aid is a recipe for disaster.

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