Have the developers started fighting with one-color teams?

Recently, most players try to play in raids and wars with one-color teams, and there is a reason: the crystals have a very large force of impact, and therefore one-color teams are able to defeat a stronger team of the enemy, even if the strength of his team is 600-800 points more! Monochrome team up with heroes 4 stars and the strength of 3400+ is quite able to defeat the opponent with the force of a 4000+!
But for developers in such tactics there is a minus: players do not need to invest money to buy good heroes of 5 stars, it is enough to collect several teams from heroes of 4 stars and to pump completely!
Starting with version 20, I noticed that now when playing one-color teams I just have no luck! For example, if earlier from 6 raids at least 4 were victorious, now the number of victorious raids is 1-2 out of 6, and sometimes even 0 out of 6 and even 0 out of 12!!!
I have a feeling that now during the battle the game deliberately does not give the crystals the right color, I get 1-2, maximum 3 times to lay down a combo, and that’s it! Even heroes fail to collect the mana!
Question to developers: did you really start the fight against one-color teams, or am I the only one so unlucky?

I want to explain why I made such conclusions: when the update 20 came out, I could not defeat any opponent in the war, and scored only 84 points! All-Eastern members of our Alliance, who updated the game and played the same color teams, also scored no more than 150 points! However, those who did not have time to update the game, scored 250 points or more! The opponents had the same situation! We eventually won, but immediately after the war, I went to the Alliance to the opponent and talked with their players, and they confirmed to me that they had the same situation as us! You could write it off as a failure, that day just unlucky, but when one person is unlucky 1-2 times in a row, it is still possible to understand, but when several players are unlucky, and 5-6 times in a row - this is statistics!


Not really. It’s still a really tiny sample. And it’s impossible to tease apart issues like team selection and game play from the raw tile distribution, unless you kept actual counts.

Remember, 7 tiles of your color in very hard to play places still counts as an average number. But you’d probably get blown off the board with mono. That’s why mono is a risky strategy.

The developers just confirmed in the most recent AMA that the tile engine is uniform random. Sounds like you just had an unlucky war.

Edited to add it looks like this is not the first time you’ve been under the impression that mono suddenly got nerfed after a version update. This was after v18:

I’d encourage you not to read too much into wins or losses just because a new version is released. If the developers change the way mono is handled, they’ll tell us about it.


Luck is just that—luck. The lead developer explicitly said that boards are not linked to what heroes you bring.

Please see:


Let’s think logically. Many have higher education, and therefore many are familiar with such a section of mathematics as “probability theory”. In Russia, they study it at universities.
A simple example: you toss a coin 6 times in a row. How many times did you get heads and how many times did you get tails? Suppose we have most often falls “tails”, but from 6 times at least 1 time just have to fall “eagle”! And there is 6 times consecutive marks “tails”, then in theory likelihood this already is called “a near certainty”, and you start to think, that something not the with coin, correctly?
Now flip the coin 12 times! Agree that if 12 times in a row falls “tails”, it is 100% “guilty” coin! And now move this example to the game!

This is regrettably not how probability works. It is easy to spot a truly random pattern because it is often streaky.


I just have one thing to say about this topic…



That is all


Flip a coin enough times and 12 tails or heads in a row is not unlikely at all.

I dealt roulette for a long time. I have hit 20+ black or red in a row, and will hit 10 or more of a color in a row every single night I was busy.

If you think 12 in a row is “fixed” or “cheating” maybe head over to that university you’re talking about.


Better crack that probability textbook then :slightly_smiling_face:

12 tails in a row on a fair coin will happen once in ever 4,096 attemps.

There are 1.5M active daily players. So we would expect a 1 in 4096 occurrence to be happening to 366 of them at any given time, on average. But it could easily be far larger.

Your sample size is really small for the population, and even smaller given the number of boards that occur every day in the game.


Roulette is a fully controlled process, and if necessary, it can be done so that the black or red color will fall at least a trillion times in a row! And most importantly - from the outside it can not be proved, unless you are the owner of this very casino! And if you still believe in the honesty of the casino and sincerely believe that everything is really accidental, I can only regret you!

And do not confuse the concept: that the sample is small, that it is necessary to take more options that tables there are countless! We can also calculate the probability on an intergalactic scale, and of course everything will be fine!
But the fact remains: the number of winning raids when playing a one-color team has decreased significantly!
I multi-color teams lately, I don’t play because the developers made such characters to defeat them when playing multi-color teams it’s impossible, it’s got a very big lucky!

The boards are uniform random. This has been verified experimentally, and has been explicitly stated by the developers. What you have experienced is the result of randomness, not a change to the game.



Wrong. Roulette is totally random. The casino cannot make the ball land in red or black as many times as they want. The casino has the odds in their favor, that’s all they need. They don’t need to cheat. Some days the casino loses money, but in the long run the odds even out. It’s called “regression to the mean.” They also bank on people running out of money before the odds can recover from a bad run. The odds make the casino money, human greed makes them rich.

Basically you’re lying and making up whatever you want to make yourself feel better.


The problem is that people expect random distribution to be uniform in small samples while it’s quite the opposite. It would be suspicious to see equal number of each colour in the board every time. But it’s natural the are bad boards and good boards.


Rngesus is the debil!

Especially in wars mono is a gamble. 3-2 has better success imo. Mono isn’t reliable enough and depends on pure luck.

To raid a far stronger team mono is cool, since there aren’t any boosts, that could end the battle sooner as you color comes in.

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funny how you took upon yourself the task of educating us on probability, yet you are absolutely wrong about this. even in a million coin flips, no outcome “just has to happen”.

You definitely don’t need a monochrome team to take out a 4000 TP team with a 3400 one… A 3/2 stack of well chosen 4* heroes will do the job just fine… anyway, lately 4* teams have moved from 3400 to about 3600 TP… with mono you depend 100% on the tiles. You will get lucky enough sometimes and oneshot some much stronger opponent, but on the long run, using monochrome as your main strategy will result in catastrophic failure…

Wow, what a discovery! Speaking about statistics. Stats from 10,000 raids could be called statistics.


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Wu and Danza on the same team, quite a gable… no attackers at all, 100% tile damage… Two MN’s tend to keep your team alive forever… Inari’s special saves you loads of trouble… Nicely done!


The last four times I used mono, I won three times.

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