Have seen this debated multiple times over the past year – 1.12.5 “Increased Loot Odds” in Release Notes [Developer Response in Post #24]

What does this mean?

Both 1.12.5 and 1.12 say “increased loot odds”

Was that increasing the # of rolls and tiers or was it increasing the odds per roll(which is how i comprehended it)

@Petri any light on this?

Been debating this for the past year now, so some clarity would be much appreciated so have somewhere cut and dry to link them to rather than just battling with my interpretation vs theirs


I heard from Staff that they’re aware of your post/question, and will try to get you an answer after the weekend.


Further update: the game designer who can answer this is on holiday this week, so it’ll be next week at earliest before they can answer this, unfortunately.


I like the fact that you’re taking asking and seeking the answer to this question from SGG. And I am by no means attacking you here.

But “the designer is on holliday” reply they gave, is complete nonsense haha!

That would mean they have one, and exactly one, designer/developer in charge of making such a decision.

That no information has been written down, conveyed or documented. And no consensus or lead decision regarding such a core and potentially revenue driving factor was actively taken.

That nobody has access to that persons continuous work (code or written word).

Literally no company in the world works like this.
And no company has only one spokesperson.

Ergo, the numbers are crap and nobody wants to say anything. So they’re buying time to weasle out of that unfortunate phrasing.

It’s been my experience in the past that a singular SG team member in each area of the company is generally responsible for answering questions like this.

While they may well have information written down, we’ve normally waited for the expert on each question to be available when seeking answers to game design and technical questions.

I appreciate your disclaimer that you’re not attacking me, but I respectfully request that you reflect on how productive it is for the player community seeking answers to accuse SG of lying to buy time.

SG has no obligation to answer to begin with, and could have simply ignored the question to begin with.

Despite that, members of the Staff have proactively followed up on this twice with me already, including pointing out that they were aware of @Rigs’s question to begin with, and would seek an answer.

Many of us in the player community have worked to gain further insights and information from SG team members, and build better lines of communication between the SG Staff and the player community.

I’d appreciate you contributing to those relationships by giving SG Staff the benefit of the doubt and not jumping to conclusions or accusations.


Well then, looking forward to a positive, clear and insightfull answer from SGG.


I would expect that one person in SGG has the authority to definitively answer that question and even though others will know the answer they are not likely to overstep their bounds. That is how it is everywhere I’ve worked.


If you could manage it getting the tournament loot style breakdown for titan loot and the chests would be really great

That would be great, but I’d be very surprised to see that released. I’m hoping for clarification of the release notes, I’m not expecting drop rate disclosures. They’ve typically declined providing those for other loot sources when I’ve asked.


LOL then you haven’t seen the companies I’ve worked with

There are SO MANY that it’s not funny


The Guy

I agree.

Spaghetti code and Old Documentation

Having modded games, you write so much code, figuring out the current implementation can be tough, especially from so many versions ago.

Additional the code might be wrong and need a fix. The documentation may be outdated. And an upcoming change may render current code irrelevant.

Sometimes it would take me longer to unravel the current implementation than to design and code the mod.


Why are we discussing a post over a year old?

Think carefully about how many questions or requests for clarification get no response at all from SG. They don’t say “we’re looking into it,” or “we’ll get back to you.” Just radio silence. Forever.

So when they actually do bother to say something about planning to respond, and even go further as to say why they haven’t yet, why on earth would you jump to the conclusion that they were lying about what they said?

Next time a question simply goes unanswered, with no update on when an answer might be forthcoming, I’ll make sure to @ you to say thanks…⸮


You’re right.

But is an active community that SGG promotes (Beta included or not) where the majority of clarification requests/questions get regularely ignored something we should be happy and content with?

More responses, interaction and involement would be great!

And I agree, it is good that they said they would clarify this matter, I still think the “on holliday” is a crap excuse to buy time. You are free to think what you like.

Please, keep your idle threats of forum bullying by means of @-abuse to a minimum though, you are a moderator after all.

Also, I’d gladly untangle this whole thing given access to the code, just an offer :slight_smile:

I’ll bow out here before the combined quote wrath of this thread comes barreling down once again.

Keep up the good work and lets hope for an clear, precise and swift answer to prove me wrong.

Feel free to @-me then :slight_smile:

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We’re not happy with it, and we’re regularly pushing behind the scenes for more information and more interaction.

Which is why it is particularly irritating to have you react like this when they do what we’re asking and communicate more. Your reaction is a good way to discourage them from communicating more in the future.

Sorry, forgot to add the irony punctuation so it was clear I was being sarcastic. I’ll fix it.


What would it give you, if you knew the dropping rate was 1.7 or 2.3 %? (fictional values)

The question is: would you completely trust whatever explanation they gonna give to you?

Or is it more a rethoric question?

Yes I’ll trust the answer they give me

Mainly because I’ve asked some questions before along the same lines and as @Garanwyn pointed out it’s typically radio silence as the response

I have no reason to believe they’d rather lie than not answer at all

Let’s set conspiracy theories aside until we have reason to even think those theories are possible truths


I would trust it too, given that what answers they have given us in the past (re randomness of boards, drop rates, etc) have been – conspiracy theories aside – verifiably true.


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